Joe Biden is setting up for his biggest disaster yet with this one shocking move

Joe Biden’s regime is hellbent on fundamentally transforming the country.

Biden is determined to ram through as many left-wing policies as possible.

But Joe Biden is setting up for his biggest disaster yet with this one shocking move.

The corporate-controlled media sold Joe Biden as a competent moderate.

But Joe Biden has become a puppet for the radical socialists who control the Democrat Party.

As a candidate, Biden sent out the signal for illegal aliens to invade America by promising amnesty and “free” handouts to anyone who made it into the country.

Then, Biden dismantled President Trump’s successful border policies on his first day in office.

Biden ended construction on the border wall, and prevented Border Patrol Agents from enforcing the law.

The result has been the biggest border crisis in the history of the country, with record levels of illegal aliens and lethal drugs like fentanyl flooding into the country.

Every month seems to break records for illegal immigration.

Biden’s border crisis could soon get even worse if he rolls back one of the last of President Trump’s border security policies.

Reuters reports that the regime is looking to end the Title 42 rule.

Title 42 was a policy enacted by President Trump during the pandemic that allows illegal aliens to be swiftly deported without the chance to seek asylum.

The policy was implemented as a public health order to prevent the spread of COVID.

Title 42 has been used over a million times to prevent illegal aliens from entering the country.

Now the Biden regime is looking at removing one of the last tools at securing the border by allowing Title 42 to expire.

The Centers for Disease Control renews Title 42 every sixty days.

It’s set to expire on April 1st, which would turn the current flood of illegal aliens into a tsunami.

Anonymous intelligence officials told Axios that over 170,000 illegal aliens could cross the border if Title 42 was ended.

Homeland Security estimates that 25,000 would-be border crossers are waiting for it to expire just south of the border.

Regime officials across multiple departments are already making preparations to handle this disaster.

Coyotes and human traffickers are planning to exploit the situation to “generate a mass migration event.”

With the Border Patrol handcuffed and stretched thin, this would be an unprecedented catastrophe.

In leaked audio to Border Patrol agents, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alexander Mayorkas, said, “Look, it’s worse now than it, frankly, has been in at least 20 years, if not ever.”

Now the worst ever situation on the border could see hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens trying to cross.

The southern border would turn into complete chaos.

No matter what happens, it’s clear the border will continue to be a catastrophe with Joe Biden in charge.

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