Joe Biden is hoping you never learn the truth about this terrible secret

Joe Biden continues to hack away at the values and freedoms that made America great.

But you’ll be speechless when you find out what Biden is up to next.

And Joe Biden is hoping you never learn the truth about this terrible secret.

Joe Biden announced he was signing an executive order inching America closer to universal background check scheme.

Gun-grabbers like Biden always try to gaslight Americans into thinking that universal background checks are a simple common sense measure to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

But that isn’t true at all.

Breitbart’s A.W. Hawkins pointed out that without a national gun registration database a universal background check scheme is unenforceable.

In his column, Hawkins explained that the only way the government can conduct background checks is to track guns at all times and match that up against a list of Americans’ criminal history.

Hawkins wrote:

Think about it: Universal checks are a mandate that every gun sale, private or retail, is to be preceded by a government check on the would-be buyer’s criminal history. The only way the government can know citizens are complying with such a universal framework is to know where every gun is at all times. Elsewise, citizens could be selling guns to neighbors, in alleys, or at in parking lots, without the government’s knowledge.

Universal background checks are simply unenforceable without a gun registry. And a registry is ripe with problems, as it leads, historically speaking, to confiscatory action.

This is true whether one looks at world history to see how registration allowed Nazis to erase private gun ownership in the lead-up to World War II, how China’s pre-1949 Communists implemented gun registration that was used to disarm citizens during the Communist revolution, or how California’s universal background checks were complimented with registration then confiscatory policies at the state level.

In reality, universal background checks are the first step to gun confiscation.

The slippery slope argument that Second Amendment activists made for years is the truth.

The only reason the government needs to track all firearms purchases and know how many and of what type of firearms Americans are buying is because the gun grabbers want to know whose houses they need to send government agents to should they ever get the votes to pass a gun confiscation scheme.

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