Joe Biden is hoping Americans do not see this one damaging video

Americans have major questions about whether or not Joe Biden is mentally fit to be President.

Democrats are hiding Biden away from the public in hopes the American people forget about those concerns.

But now Joe Biden is hoping Americans do not see this one damaging video.

Joe Biden emerged from his Delaware basement to campaign in Florida as polls continue to tighten in that crucial battleground state.

Biden participated in an event for veterans and a disturbing video emerged of Biden that clearly shows he lost his marbles.

At one point Biden babbles incoherently about being the quartermaster on the second floor of a ladies department store.

No one had any idea what he was talking about.

Biden hoped the video would not go viral on social media.

The last thing the Biden campaign wants is the American people getting a clear-eyed look at what a Biden victory would mean.

Democrats got more bad news on that front over the last two days as both Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris referred to a “Harris administration.”

Biden and Harris all but admitted that – at best – Biden would serve as a figurehead President or that Democrats would find a way to shuffle Biden off the stage after he wins the election and replace him with Harris.

Either way, the takeaway from the last two days for the Biden campaign is that he is not fit to be President and even both members of the ticket are contemplating a future where Biden does not serve as President.

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