Joe Biden is going to hate what one key Democrat just admitted to Fox News

Joe Biden is trying to reframe the Midterm elections on terms more friendly to Democrats.

That effort failed miserably.

And Joe Biden is going to hate what one key Democrat just admitted to Fox News.

California Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna admitted to Fox News that the $1.9 trillion Blue-state bailout bill the Democrats passed in March included $1,200 handout checks that contributed to inflation running at a 40-year high.

“It’s undeniable that the stimulus checks under both President Trump and Joe Biden — remember, President Trump did it in December of 2020, and then we did another one in March of 2021 — anyone would say, of course that had some inflationary impact. But it also helped save a lot of people from unemployment. It saved a lot of people from eviction when we were in the midst of the pandemic, and it was the right thing to do at that time. The challenge is that the Fed, at the same time, was buying back mortgage securities and had way too much quantitative easing. And so, I put the main burden [of] inflation on the Fed not having anticipated it soon enough,” Khanna stated.

At the time Democrats passed the bill, former Bill Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers warned that the trillions of dollars in new spending would cause inflation.

Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi ignored that prophetic warning and plowed ahead.

Biden and the Democrats got drunk on hype following the 2020 election.

Left-wing historians filled Biden’s head with mumbo jumbo about how he had a chance to be the new FDR.

But what these leftists academics and Biden ignored was the fact that FDR took office at a time where Democrats controlled huge majorities.

In 2021, the Senate was split 50/50 and Democrats held a 10-seat majority in the House.
Biden and the Democrats also ignored the fact that America did not face a demand-side crisis coming out of the COVID pandemic.

Since the COVID lockdowns and subsequent federal stimulus allowed Americans to rack up trillions of dollars in savings, there was not a lack of money flowing throughout the system.

The Federal Reserve already printed trillions of dollars in stimulus during the lockdowns.

Joe Biden’s nearly $2 trillion spending bill was just gasoline on the fire.

Polls show inflation and the economy are the top issues for voters.

Joe Biden is not going to be able to move on from the issue if even members of his own Party blame him and his socialist agenda for the inflation crisis.

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