Joe Biden is going to hate what CNN just admitted on the air

Joe Biden has found no more reliable ally than CNN.

But even left-wing networks like CNN are trying to move on from Joe Biden.

And now Joe Biden is going to hate what CNN just admitted on the air.

The Biden administration spent all week trying to redefine a recession.

In anticipation of Thursday’s release of the second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) number, Biden officials leaned on their allies in the corporate-controlled press to abandon the traditional definition of a recession being two straight quarters of negative economic growth.

When the GDP number showed the economy contracted by 0.9 percent, that meant the economy contracted for two straight quarters and was thus in a recession.

Even left-wing CNN anchor Jake Tapper did not buy Biden economic advisor Gene Sperling’s nonsensical argument that the economy did not just slip into a recession.

Calling Biden’s argument out of touch, Tapper asked Sperling if the President looked foolish for trying to claim the economy is strong.

“Doesn’t this semantic debate risk making the White House seem as if you’re in denial and out of touch with Americans who are really struggling out there?” Tapper asked Sperling.

Sperling then fell back on talking points, figuring he would get a pass on a left-wing network.

“Not at all, Jake,” Sperling responded. “Let’s acknowledge that every single family is the world’s leading expert on how they themselves are doing, and we totally appreciate the degree that so many Americans feel pinched and squeezed by the higher prices at the gas pump — even with gas prices down $0.75 now — squeezed at the grocery line by the impacts of global inflation on the U.S. We feel that, we’re not denying that.”

But Tapper noted that two straight quarters of economic decline was the traditional definition of a recession.

“But it’s been two quarters in a row of negative GDP growth,” Tapper continued. “That is an ugly fact, and traditionally that has been the colloquial way a recession has been defined.”

Sperling then tried more spin.

“I’m just reminding people that those six months, that people would claim were in recession, are the same six months that we grew 2.7 million jobs and that only last year have we ever had that many, and the second closest was 1946, right after World War II,” Sperling stated.

But polls show the American people believe the nation is mired in a recession.

The economic data – two straight quarters of shrinking GDP growth – backs up those fears.

And Joe Biden cannot count on the media to carry his water on this issue because like the vast majority of Democrats, members of the press do not want him to run for re-election because they believe he will lose.

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