Joe Biden is furious after a top Republican revealed the most humiliating thing possible about him

Joe Biden is the current favorite to gain the Democrat nomination for President.

But a series of scandals are creeping up on him that could destroy his campaign.

And now he’s furious after a top Republican revealed the most humiliating thing possible about him.

President Trump is on the verge of exposing Biden for his potential role in a corruption scandal relating to his son’s business interests in the Ukraine.

This has the potential to derail his Presidential campaign, erasing his lead in the race.

But it may not even require a scandal of that size, considering he continually makes regrettable statements.

And for that reason, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is pointing out the humiliating fact that Joe Biden’s campaign could go down just like failed 2016 Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

“I think Biden – no disrespect – is the Jeb Bush of this cycle,” McCarthy said.

Jeb Bush was the early favorite for the 2016 election, up until the races got closer to actual primary elections when he fell off the radar, eventually leaving the race.

Breitbart News reported:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday as the “Jeb Bush of this cycle.”

“I think Biden — no disrespect — is the Jeb Bush of this cycle,” McCarthy said at an Axios event on Thursday morning. “I think he could have run at a different time, and he would have been the nominee. I think he has too much to apologize for.”

The Republican leader contended that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “has a much better chance” of winning the Democrat nomination, noting that candidates need an energized base to sustain their campaigns. McCarthy said Sanders “has a bigger base for a longer duration of the time.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush entered the 2016 Republican presidential primary as the favorite but then failed to break through the primaries as Donald Trump labeled him “low energy Jeb.”

Being called the Jeb Bush of any election is embarrassing no matter your party.

Bush was given every advantage going into the 2016 election, with massive amounts of money from special interests, as well as dozens of endorsements due to both his father and brother being past presidents.

But all that money meant nothing when Donald Trump began humiliating him, calling him “Low energy Jeb.”

Trump has a similar nickname for Biden, calling him “Sleepy Joe.”

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94 Responses

  1. Alaska Woman says:

    More people would believe what is published on this site if less exaggeration was employed.

  2. Zaw Soe says:

    Joe Biden you should not run for dog catcher. You were Bo lap dog for eight years. You will make your self fool off your self. You are a mass, your mind is like a child and your IQ is below first grade level don’t waste time on TV. Your are no match for President Trump. He will be reelected for eight more years.

  3. Walt says:


  4. Dora says:

    Alex Jones is better person then you The Real Jackass.

  5. Dora says:

    And touching and feeling girls any girl that was around him SLEEPY CREEPY JOE.

  6. Keith D says:

    Even after 2 years and 35 million dollars your still too stupid to be allowed to be in public much less vote!

  7. DCC says:

    Joe the plumber, there is only one liar here and it is you , you dumkb liberal commie asshole!

  8. Mama says:

    uh 0h post altered words dropped.
    I Said in short >ppl DNA <altered thru gmo foods/sodas etc
    & Changes Thoughts' Truth.
    PURE Water, even a beer 0r grapes Is better
    than chem drinks. i said more, but will drop it for now.
    God Bless USA.

  9. Mama says:

    Hi E’0ne. Ignore joe plumber. Thoughts
    posted seem deranged. Well let me say this,
    as much as i hate to, Buttt > DNA Whoa on ‘awesome ‘ 5G smartphones. Another
    subjest for Another Day. KNOW ‘STUFF’. Now we got
    gmo skunk weed puff puff. 0mg. make me stop now.
    lol PLEASE Help SAVE USA.

  10. Mama says:

    Biden/Son have Major ‘skeletons’
    IN their Not so Closet, anymore.

  11. The Real Joe the Plumber says:

    Atoes is an asshole. Nothing you said is true, you get your information from people even lower than Alex Jones. You deserve prison for your lies.

  12. Tom Atoes says:

    The only reason biden was given the veep slot (there were several other white uncle toms available) was because his deceased son, Beau, also corrupt, as AG of Delaware, got rid of a potentially damaging situation during the 2008 campaign…namely, a life-long crat homosexual drug-addict who came forward to correct ohbummer’s claim that he, ohbummer, hadn’t used drugs for many years…when in fact he had used crack (AND had homosexual sex) with this guy, Larry Sinclair, in 1999…creepycrooked biden was rewarded with 8 years of flying around the world in AF2, doing nothing but bullying foreign politicians and domestic golf club managers.

  13. JC says:

    Biden and his son should be in jail! He shouldn’t be leading any poll. He should be watched so he won’t molest any more women, cheat or commit fraud, or otherwise stammer thru any more rallys!

  14. choff says:

    I Love it….and You are Spot on with that…They are all Douchebags..!!!

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If that pea brained Sloppy Joe Bite me ever became our president (God forbid) the first thing he’d do would be to tear down the border wall and tell us that walls don’t work. Israel has one and it stopped the terrorists from crossing it’s borders and effectively stopped the suicide bomb attacks. If he’s so convinced that they don’t work, why don’t he tear down the wall around his place?. I’m sure he’s got one.

  16. Arthur Jurczak says:

    The Dems have sold thier souls to the devil, and Joe Biden just confessed that they are after the rest of the souls of Americans.

  17. D.A.N. says:

    He only made VP on Obama’s coattails.

  18. Juditer says:

    Carmella – Me too!

  19. Juditer says:

    George – Joe Biden is an incompetent blow hard – doesn’t know the difference between true or false and doesn’t care. He has a foul mouth and foul hands and thinks he is attractive. He and his son are most likely crooks and should be exposed.

    He is a nightmare with delusions of grandeur – an egotistical wind bag.

  20. His Strength Determined Mind, Perseverance also..,????

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