Joe Biden is feeling the heat from this federal investigation

This is the nightmare scenario Democrats feared.

A major scandal could stretch into next year and threaten the party’s political prospects.

And Joe Biden is feeling the heat from this federal investigation.

Joe Biden’s disastrously executed withdrawal from Afghanistan offended Americans and sent Biden’s poll numbers into a tailspin.

Biden stranded thousands of Americans behind Taliban lines by pulling the military out before the civilians and ran a disorganized evacuation that ended with just a tiny percentage of the 120,000 people evacuated being Afghans who helped the U.S. war effort.

Joe Biden’s haphazard withdrawal led to the deaths of thirteen U.S. service members in a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport.

Democrats hoped Afghanistan would fade from the news.

The State Department Inspector General made sure that would not be the case as the IG announced its office is launching multiple investigations into Joe Biden’s bungled withdrawal.

POLITICO exclusively reports:

The State Department’s inspector general is launching a series of investigations into the end of the Biden administration’s diplomatic operations in Afghanistan, according to State Department and congressional officials, as well as documents viewed by POLITICO.

The reviews by the internal watchdog will focus on the State Department’s Special Immigrant Visa program; Afghans processed for refugee admission into the U.S.; resettlement of those refugees and visa recipients; and the emergency evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul “to include evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan nationals,” according to an Oct. 15 action memorandum to Secretary of State Antony Blinken that was obtained by POLITICO.

The State Department announcing multiple investigations ensures that these probes will bleed into 2022 and the IG’s office could release results of their findings in the middle of the election season.

Republicans promised to make Afghanistan a major issue in the 2022 cycle.

Democrats hoped the passage of time would cause the issue to recede in the minds of voters.

The Biden administration’s own watchdog announcing multiple investigations into Afghanistan will likely keep the matter front and center.

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