Joe Biden is facing some bad news that turned his campaign upside down

Joe Biden’s role in the Obamagate scandal is causing heartburn for many Democrats.

Each day brings a new bombshell about the Obama administration’s attempts frame Donald Trump and his associates for colluding with Russia during the 2016 election.

And now Joe Biden is facing some bad news that turned his campaign upside down.

On Wednesday, CBS broke a bombshell story that Joe Biden’s name was among those Obama administration officials who requested to unmask incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn after his phone conversation with the Russian Ambassador during the Presidential transition.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Republican Senator Ron Johnson told the press he intended to subpoena the Obama administration officials on the list – and possible even Joe Biden – to explain why they snooped on Michael Flynn’s phone conversations without a warrant.

“Right now we’re in the information gathering phase of this and this obviously, from my standpoint, raises a lot more questions than it actually answers,” Johnson told the press.

Johnson also alluded to the fact that this investigation would also dig into who in the Deep State illegally leaked Flynn’s name to the Washington Post – a major crime that carries a jail sentence of up to ten years in prison.

“I want to find out what you were looking at, why you unmasked an American’s identity, and how you used that,” Johnson continued.

Johnson also made it clear he was just beginning his investigation into Obamagate and that this would be a major focus of the committee.

“It is outrageous what these officials from the Obama administration did to the incoming administration,” Johnson declared. “We’ll pick the ones to get the information.”

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