Joe Biden is about to throw in the towel after suffering this humiliating defeat

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is on its last legs.

Coming off disastrous finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden cannot afford anymore faceplants on in nominating contests.

But now Joe Biden is about to throw in the towel after this humiliating defeat.

The Nevada Democrat Caucus is next Saturday.

Biden claimed he finished poorly in Iowa and New Hampshire because the states do not have large minority population.

The former Vice President pointed to Nevada – where Latinos make up 30 percent of the voter base – as the first step toward a comeback.

In the Nevada Caucuses the union bosses reign supreme.

The Culinary Union has 60,000 members, which gives the union bosses the power to sway elections.

As recently as a few short weeks ago it was assumed that the Culinary Union would endorse Joe Biden, which would give him a decided advantage in the caucus.

The union’s political director used to work for Biden and he seemed to be a sure bet for the nomination.
But after Iowa and New Hampshire the union bosses backed off.

Geoconda Argüello-Kline who serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union revealed at a press conference that the union would not endorse any candidates in the upcoming caucus.

“We’re going to endorse our goals, what we’re doing — that’s what we’re going to endorse,” Argüello-Kline declared.

“We’re not going to endorse a political candidate.”

Establishment Democrats like Biden can always count on the support of Union bosses.

The Culinary Union’s decision to stay out of the race is the final death blow to Biden’s campaign.

Their refusal to back Biden means the union bosses see Biden’s campaign as mortally wounded beyond saving and that Biden is in for another poor finish in Nevada.

Should Biden finish fourth or fifth in Nevada it will be difficult for his campaign to continue on to South Carolina.

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36 Responses

  1. Raymond J Stewart says:

    Joe why don’t you quit the race and forget it. You are not going to win. One reason is that you kid has really messed it up for you. And the problem in the beginning with you and the women when you kissed them and stuff like that. Really you are a looser. Just go home and work on keeping you kid out of jail. He is going to need help.

  2. Courtney says:

    The damn disaster joe Biden needs to step down he no chance of winning he not getting my vote I’m a republican not a democrate He needs to crawl into the hole where he came from

  3. James Lalley says:

    Uncle Joe is forever tied to Hunter’s reputation and that’s a millstone that is dragging him under the waves ! Stick a fork in him cause that old Democommie is toast !

  4. catherine says:

    Joe needs to go to an insane asylum and hunter Federal Prison!

  5. catherine says:

    joe and hunter should give up. joe goes to an insane asylum and hunter Federal Prison!

  6. Charlie Harris says:

    Just cannot comprehend how reasonable and otherwise intelligent and patriotic Americans could support the party of Pelosi, Shumar, Hillary Clinton, the Muslim squad and the rest of the despicables that comprise the democratic party leadership.

  7. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    Libbies ain’t real woke!

  8. Robert Yormick says:

    Joe in 2015 showed his wishy washy character when he was trying to decide to make a run in the Democratic primary to be the parties candidate. He would have had the sympathy vote because of his son Beau passing & Hillary had so much baggage, I think the party would have bypassed her for Joe, but his indecision cost him then & is costing him now.
    Also all this stuff about his son Hunter & Burisma WASN’T in the news cycle then, & the story about his son’s drug problems, his son’s getting a stripper pregnant & other stuff.
    With Bloomberg in the race now, Democrats have what they consider a ” moderate ” candidate ( with LOTS of MONEY, that they need ) so they don’t have a back the extreme left candidates like Bernie or Warren.

  9. george briar says:

    go home Joe if you can remember where that is. you were a hoot but you have been exposed as a crook on the take for years something you have successfully kept hidden until now. the blood hounds are on your trail and will soon find you and then it will be time to come clean. and we all thought you were just a pervert and pedophile and that was hard to accept and now with this Ukraine thing biting you in the ass it don’t look good for you and soon it will be bye bye for you.

  10. Lebo says:

    TRUMP 2020! Biden and Biden 20years at Attica!!

  11. Looks like Jeff Dunham’s “Walter “…Old sleepy creepy Joe should get back in his gag box…His face is full of contempt for commoners …

  12. David says:

    Joek Biten won’t remember his own name by November

  13. He’s DONE ! His erratic behavior towards people at his rallies shows just what kind of nut he really is. Both he and his son will be investigated and measured up for Orange Jumpsuits !

  14. sandyj says:

    Joe should never have run in the first place. Lots of time and money wasted!

  15. HIYAN says:

    Joe Blow don’t have any chance of winning Nevada, a fortunate 3rd or maybe a lucky 4th.
    Another plant face showing, he must get out of the race and save his face.
    TO BAD JOE BLOW and the DEMODONKEYS are not gonna win the POTUS seat.
    ELEPHANTS win it again!!!

  16. Onederer says:

    Mr Handy Binden needs to go back to hiding. Better people around that can lift this Country up, rather than bring it down.

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