Joe Biden is about to live his worst nightmare because of one lie

Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents scandal grows worse by the day.

Biden’s own team is turning on him.

And Joe Biden is about to live his worst nightmare because of one lie.

Biden’s handlers continue to leak damaging information to the legacy media about his stolen classified documents.

The latest bombshell came in a New York Times report revealing that Biden’s lawyers falsely told the Department of Justice that the stolen classified documents only resided at the Communist Chinese funded think tank in Washington, D.C.

Since Biden’s lawyers told that lie, five different sets of stolen classified documents have turned up at his house in Wilmington, Delaware.

The New York Times reports:

President Biden’s lawyers told the Justice Department in November that they had no reason to believe that copies of official records from his vice presidency had ended up anywhere beyond a think tank in Washington, where several classified documents had been found that month, two people familiar with the matter said on Sunday.

That assertion, the people said, was based on interviews with former officials who had been involved in the process of packing and shipping such material. The Biden legal team had surveyed them after the discovery on Nov. 2 of a small number of classified files in a closet of his former office at the Penn Biden Center, seeking to understand how the files got there.

But it would turn out that a handful of classified records were at Mr. Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Del., too. The mistaken premise, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter, helps explain why roughly seven weeks elapsed before Mr. Biden’s lawyers searched boxes in the garage at his Wilmington home on Dec. 20 and found several more classified papers.

The disturbing fact for Biden is that these leaks continue to appear right after he made it clear that he intends to run for re-election in 2024.

Biden’s own Party and government are out to sabotage him.

Democrats know it is preposterous that Biden intends to ask the American people to allow him to serve in office until he is 86 years old.

That would be like Jimmy Carter running for President in 2008.

And to prevent a cognitively impaired Joe Biden from seeking a second term, Democrats are seizing on this stolen classified documents scandal as their off ramp.

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