Joe Biden is about to have major legal problems thanks to this agreement

Even though Democrats control every lever of power in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden is finding out that it is not smooth sailing to impose his agenda.

Now a major obstacle is standing in Biden’s way.

And Joe Biden is about to have major legal problems thanks to this agreement.

When Donald Trump was President, Democrat State Attorneys General filed over 200 lawsuits against the administration.

Democrat State Attorneys General cherry picked the jurisdictions to make sure friendly Obama or Clinton judges heard their cases, which resulted in the Trump administration losing 80 percent of the cases.

Now that Joe Biden is in office, Republican State Attorneys General are preparing to turn the tables and haul the Biden administration into court over its unconstitutional power grabs.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen sued the Biden administration over the order canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline and ripped Biden for acting like a King by signing 38 executive orders in his first three months in office.

“When you step in on day one and start issuing edicts and executive orders like King George, I and a lot of other conservative Republicans are going to start having problems,” Knudsen told the Daily Caller.

“State Attorneys General are coming into their own and realizing they can be an effective pushback against an overreaching executive,” Knudsen added.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is also suing the Biden administration over executive orders pausing deportation for virtually all illegal aliens and for banning fracking on new federal land leases.

“Democrats are basically hell bent on overreaching, overspending, over-regulating,” Landry told the Daily Caller. “All things that have detrimental long term effects on job creation, and overall stability for the country.”

Republican State Attorneys General are also planning to sue the Biden administration over language in the blue state bailout bill that prevents states from cutting taxes if they accept state and local aid money.

This is just the beginning and Republican Attorneys General in states across the country are preparing to sue the Biden administration for executive orders on guns, abortion, and transgenders.

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