Joe Biden is about to give illegal aliens one gift that will put jaws on the ground

Joe Biden set about trying to dismantle Donald Trump’s “America First” legacy.

Nowhere is Biden working quicker than in his effort to tear apart Donald Trump’s policies to secure the border and end illegal immigration.

And now Joe Biden is about to give illegal aliens one gift that will put jaws on the ground.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton blasted the Biden administration after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated the idea of requiring Americans to present a negative coronavirus test result before traveling by airplane within the United States.

This is literally a “papers, please” proposal.

At the same time the Biden administration reinstated the dangerous “catch and release” program whereby illegal aliens are turned loose into the interior of the country and they are not tested for coronavirus.

Joe Biden campaigned on his ability to put a plan in place that will end the pandemic.

But all Biden has done is largely do what the Trump administration was already doing.

However, the Trump administration pulled out all the stops to try and shut down the border to prevent illegal aliens from seeding new outbreaks in America.

That clearly isn’t a concern for Joe Biden.

Biden is more worried about opening the floodgates for illegal immigration.

Democrats believe their best chance to pass a mass amnesty bill is creating a critical mass of chaos at the border to force Congress to act.

In that situation, they would create a fig leaf of so-called “border security” that pro-amnesty Republicans could claim credit for as a part of a “compromise” to give blanket amnesty and voting privileges to at least 11,000,000 illegal aliens.

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