Joe Biden is about to get some bad news that will terrify every American

Joe Biden’s Presidency is about to enter its most perilous stage.

The consequences could be catastrophic.

And that’s because Joe Biden is about to get some bad news that will terrify every American.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio warned on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures that Russian President Vladimir Putin could deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine and stage the event to blame them or NATO for the use of weapons of mass destruction.

“I think the likeliest thing you are going to see from Putin is trying to use chemical, or biological weapons for that matter, but doing it in a way that makes it look like someone else did it,” Rubio told host Maria Bartiromo. “And so, that’s his history. For example, when chemical weapons were deployed in Syria, clearly, Assad was behind it, but he spent weeks sort of building up this notion that somehow the rebels and the opposition to Assad were the ones that were going to use chemical weapons and did.”

“And so, my feeling is that that’s exactly the kind of thing he would try to do here,” Senator Rubio continued. “I don’t think he would himself admit that he’s using these chemical weapons. I think he would want to blame that on Ukraine or NATO and say that it was them who did it.”

The war in Ukraine looks to be at a stalemate.

Russia could try to expand the war to suck NATO and the United States into the conflict as a last-ditch effort to force NATO and the United States to accept Russian territorial gains.

There are already voices in Congress and the American foreign policy establishment who are itching for World War III with Russia.

Putin using weapons of mass destruction would only increase the pressure on Joe Biden to respond militarily to a Russian chemical weapons attack in Ukraine.

Biden hinted that could be the case when he told reporters that the United States would “respond in kind” to Russia deploying chemical weapons in Ukraine.

The White House walked back that comment, as Biden openly admitted he was ready for war with Russia, which could push Putin to go so far as to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine in a bid to force an end to the war on their terms.

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