Joe Biden is about to cut one corrupt deal with Russia that will make your blood boil

Vladimir Putin turned Russia into a global pariah over his decision to invade Ukraine.

But now Joe Biden is about to throw him a lifeline.

Joe Biden is about to cut one corrupt deal with Russia that will make your blood boil.

Donald Trump ripped up Barack Obama’s disastrous Iranian nuclear agreement.

Obama’s bad deal put Iran on the path to one day acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Now Joe Biden wants to reconstitute a new Iran nuclear deal.

And that means dealing with Russia and Iran to sell its oil to the world.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters that it was absurd to cut deals with Communist China and Russia to allow Iran to resume selling its oil on the global marketplace.

“I just sent a letter to Secretary Blinken about the Iran agreement. What I believe they’re really trying to do — and why don’t we know what’s in it, but we have Russia and China knowing what’s in it — to bring Iranian oil back in. Why would you fund another country that funds terrorism, that wants to have a nuclear weapon, give it to them, and then give them billions of dollars?” McCarthy stated.

Watters asked McCarthy if the administration was really in favor of importing Iranian and Russian oil while clamping down on domestic energy production here in America.

McCarthy confirmed that was indeed the case.

“That’s right. And you know what you get when you get American oil? It’s cleaner, they’re American jobs, and the world is safer,” McCarthy stated.

The House Minority Leader explained this deal weakened America on multiple fronts.

In addition to strengthening Iran and Russia through oil imports, Biden is working with Communist China at a time when the Chinese are sending signals they plan to invade Taiwan.

McCarthy added that Biden needed to “speed up the weapons for Taiwan to defend themselves as well. But what is he talking about? He’s working with China and Russia to bring Iran back into the world economy, give them billions of dollars, and give them a nuclear weapon.”

Joe Biden is so committed to the globalist agenda that he is willing to cut a deal that boosts Communist China and Russia and will eventually allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.

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