Joe Biden instantly regretted this one gaffe that left Donald Trump smiling from ear to ear

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the current frontrunner in the Democrat Presidential Primary.

But his campaign could be running on borrowed time.

And Joe Biden instantly regretted this one gaffe that left Donald Trump smiling from ear to ear.

In 2016, Donald Trump became the first Republican in a generation to win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in no small part because Hillary Clinton promised to put coal miners out of business.

Joe Biden doubled-down on that blunder in a New Hampshire town hall event.

Biden previously stated he was willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs in the coal industry to combat the fairy tale of so-called “global warming.”

At the New Hampshire event Biden claimed that coal miners could just “learn to code.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Monday that displaced coal miners should learn to code.

“Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well,” Biden said at a New Hampshire event Monday. He added later: “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”

Biden’s adversarial posture toward the coal industry bears similarities to that of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who said her administration would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Biden said during the Dec. 19 Democratic presidential debate he would be willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs in the pursuit of climate goals.

Biden’s comments about ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans by destroying their good paying jobs will surely find their way into a barrage of TV commercials should he win the nomination.

The centerpiece of Biden’s appeal to Democrat Primary voters is that he can win back working class voters in the Midwest.

That claim went up in smoke with Biden’s campaign wrecking gaffe.

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131 Responses

  1. J.W. says:

    I would have suggested it was a vacuum instead, lol.

  2. J.W. says:

    They have been using that old and well known facility called PURE FABRICATION.

  3. J.W. says:

    So, you actually understood that diatribe?

  4. Randy Smithr says:

    Barbara jean long, I challenge you to take a real look at what you so blatantly so is not so. Or talk to a small business owner/middle class American such as myself. You will be shown the hard cold facts, the hard cold numbers proving your quite wrong. Not everything gets fixed the way every American would like. It’s just that there are so many turn arounds from the assault Obama pushed down on the businesses and working class Americans, now in reversal mode thanks to the President. Why do you fail to mention these benefits to America in the book you write here?

  5. barbara Jean long says:

    miners get black lung and cut their live expectancy by half. This is not a good job. Those workers will die early from unsafe working conditions. And Trump left Detroit by doing the opposite of what he said he would do and shut all the auto workers off. Where he could have set them up to find a cleaner way and new fuels to help with climate change. Which is a scientifically proven fact. I think Trump’s voters are uneducated to the point that they do not realize what he is doing to middle Americ which will do away with middle America. His promise on tax breaks for middle Americans never happened. Instead, companies like Amazon paid no taxes. Nurses who always got a return each year are now owing bout that much. But the 1 percent who should be paying a larger amount of tax are paying nothing.. And two things, every President before him turned his business to be handled by people chosen by the government. That never happened. And he will not reveal his tax returns. Why? because the only people he could borrow money from were Russian and Dutch banks. Putin owns Trump and he wants all the countries he lost back. That is why we just walked out of Syria leaving the Kurds, who had been helping us, to die. He used them and walked out on them. And Russia wants all of Ukraine back.. So Trump does what Putin tells him to do. And them he welcomes a prince who had an American journalist murdered and his body cut up and Trump welcomes him into the White House. Look back to every President before him and Putin was never welcomed to the White House. And for good reason. he is a murdering sociopath. Anyone who worked on social media to get rid of Clinton are now dead. So there can be no one to tell on Putin. Never in my life would I have thought we would have a bully, a womanizer an immoral man as a president. His plan was and is to do away with our allies who we have been with for years and make nice with the third world counties so he can get the job of doing infrastructure and turn all of them into a Trump Disneyland. He took this job to gain work for his business. There is a lot more money doing that than being president. His wife, Melania, wanted her agenda to do away with social media bullying which we desperately need to be done. But because he is such a social media bully. So she could not do something which would have saved a lot of teenagers from killing themselves. This man is not a president everything he does is to gain business for his company. And shooting the Iranian general has just make us the number one country for the Jihadists to come after. And they are coming.
    And 9-11 was bad but what we will see soon will make that look like a walk in the park. So no large group gathering for me. WAKE UP, PEOPLE. HE IS ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY FOR HIS COMPANY.

  6. kara wright says:

    Joe Biden is in this election to purposely lose this elections for the DEMS . He wants the loss to be as great as possible. He is paying back Obama and all the other who did not support him serving and he know what an complete disappointment Hunter would be just another reason for him losing. Maybe be then and only then we will not see him running again. This is the reason the DEMS know they can’t win. Just another payback. Also Hunter will be completely ruined and broke and maybe in jail. Time will tell.

  7. Tony Bell says:

    Well Joe, answer me this: who will support the coal miners and their families while they learn to code, you?
    Oh, I know, the American tax payer, again gets raped and abused by their government. No thanks.

  8. Sarah says:

    Bread to go along with the milk and butter!

  9. Sarah says:

    Bernie and pocahontas said there would be FREE Milk and Butter for everyone!

  10. J.W. says:

    No, Greg. The money is entirely gone before any of that transpires and all new funds, like those you are carping about, have to be borrowed anew from the FED which exacerbates the problem. I’m sorry that no one has ever bothered to tell you the truth. But, please try to wrap your head around it. It’s right there in black and white in the aforementioned Grace Commission Report.

  11. J.W. says:

    Perzactly correct.

    Undoubtedly some had to choose between eating regularly and being insured. It was a colossal mistake in my view.

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