Joe Biden ignored a major national security warning that will leave you red with rage

The disaster that is Joe Biden’s Presidency was predicted by many.

Biden even knew a catastrophe was about to unfold.

But Joe Biden just ignored a major national security warning that will leave you red with rage.

The crisis at the southern border is a catastrophe of Joe Biden’s own making.

When record numbers of illegal aliens poured across the southern border at the start of the Biden regime, Biden falsely claimed this was a normal, seasonal pattern of migration.

That obvious lie fell apart as the months dragged on and the number of illegal aliens flooding into America reached numbers not seen in decades.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told Fox News this was entirely predictable.

Scott relayed to Brett Baier that he participated in transition meetings where Trump officials warned the incoming Biden regime that rolling back Trump’s border policies would lead to a mass influx of illegal aliens invading the United States.

“I personally participated in some of the transition meetings. My staff participated in all of the transition meetings. We made it very clear that if we dropped all of the initiatives that had been put in place over the last several years, that we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control. The current Secretary, Mayorkas, he was part of DHS before. He ran CIS. He clearly understands and knows how to control the border and what needs to take place,” Scott stated.

“I do know that they were briefed. I was very clear. There are people involved in this process that have been involved before, and they’re choosing not to take simple, commonsense steps to secure the border,” Scott added.

Scott’s revelations show that the Biden regime did not stumble into a border crisis nor did the Trump administration leave one behind.

Instead, the Biden regime intentionally created one to invite as many illegal aliens as possible into the United States.

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