Joe Biden hit Red states with this ultimatum that will make your blood boil

Joe Biden is trying to flex his muscle as President.

Biden is desperate to show Democrats that he still has the juice to run for re-election in 2024.

And Joe Biden hit Red states with this ultimatum that will make your blood boil.

When the Supreme Court handed down the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade, liberals broke out into despair.

The centerpiece of the Left’s ideology is abortion-on-demand.

And leftists raged when the Biden administration did not have a scheme in place to defy the Supreme Court and force states to perform abortions.

That’s why Joe Biden signed an executive order forcing hospitals to perform abortions in emergency situations.

The state of Texas sued, correctly arguing that the order forced doctors to perform abortions even if it violated their conscience.

Texas also argued that the executive order trampled on the rights of states to regulate abortion as decided in the Dobbs case.

An enraged Garland told reporters that the government would fight the lawsuit, and that states must perform abortions.

Garland ranted:

On the state of Texas and on the abortion question, the Justice Department is going to use every tool we have to ensure reproductive freedom. We are going to be looking at everything from advising, and are doing everything, from advising our fellow federal agencies on their authorities, to bringing affirmative litigation, to entering into private lawsuits on the side of private parties with respect to amicus and statements of interest. As you all know, we set up a task force to continue this work that our Associate Attorney Generals are running. And we are… reviewing all the options here.

But with respect to what you just said, I can tell you one thing for certain. We are going to file a motion to dismiss the Texas lawsuit. Texas is challenging an HHS guidance under the Emergency Medical Treatment Act, which is called [EMTALA].

This could not be more straightforward. That act requires hospitals to provide stabilizing care for a patient who comes in with a medical emergency that seriously jeopardizes their life or their health. And where that stabilizing treatment is abortion, they must provide the abortion! And they must do so, notwithstanding a state law that is so narrow that it doesn’t even protect a woman’s life or health. It is expressly preempted by the [EMTALA] statute and is expressly preempted by our system of federalism, expressed by the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Joe Biden imposed this illegal and unconstitutional executive order because Democrats feared their voters would not turn out in November.

But a depressed Democrat base is not any reason to break the law.

And that is a lesson Joe Biden is sure to find out.

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