Joe Biden heard the two words that caused a crisis no Democrat can overcome

Joe Biden’s Presidency is crashing and burning right before America’s very eyes.

Now Biden is confronting one of the biggest challenges of his Presidency.

And Joe Biden heard the two words that caused a crisis no Democrat can overcome.

One built-in advantage every Democrat President has is the institutional support of the corporate-controlled media.

The corporate-controlled media is staffed and run by left-wing activists who smear Republicans and run cover for Democrats.

But Joe Biden lost the support of the corporate-controlled media.

That’s because members of the corporate-controlled media view Biden as a loser in 2024 and want to push him aside to give Democrats a better chance of picking a stronger candidate who can hold the White House.

The latest example of the corporate-controlled media’s hostility towards Biden came when the co-host of Bloomberg Surveillance, David Ferro, grilled White House economic adviser Heather Boushey about Biden’s tweet ordering gas station owners to lower their prices.

“The President over the weekend said this: ‘my message to the company is running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple, this is a time of war and global peril, bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product and do it now,’” Ferro began.

Ferro then referenced how Amazon founder and current Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos mocked Biden for not understanding how markets work.

“Jeff Bezos came out and tweeted the following, I’m sure you’ve read it, ‘inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this. It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.’ I’m not going to accuse you of the latter, I want to talk about the former. Where is that messaging coming from?” Ferro asked Boushey.

Boushey responded with the same failed and stale talking points that drove Biden’s job approval numbers on the economy into a ditch.

“The President has made clear that his number one goal is delivering for the American people,” Boushey responded. “We are in a time of crisis, we are in a time of war where the President and our allies, we are supporting the Ukrainian people. Congress has engaged in this effort, both sides of the aisle, to say this is an important priority. One of the consequences is this high price of oil because of global trends.”

Co-host Tom Keene wouldn’t let Boushey off the hook so easily.

Keene followed up with a question about who gave Biden this “shockingly naive” advice on how the price of gasoline worked.

“You didn’t answer his important question. Everyone in the nation wants to know the answer to the question he asked you. Who is advising the President on shockingly naive price theory over a gallon of gas?” Keene asked.

The corporate-controlled media is done with Joe Biden.

Reporters do not talk about Democrat Presidents in that manner.

Joe Biden’s numbers are stuck in a free fall, and without relentlessly positive coverage, there is no chance for a rebound.

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