Joe Biden has this scary plan to tax you every time you get into your car

Joe Biden is looking to ram the largest tax increase in American history into law.

But there is a stealth move he already took that could cause Americans pain just for driving.

And Joe Biden has this scary plan to tax you every time you get into your car.

Part of the fake $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill 19 RINOs helped Chuck Schumer ram through the Senate is a $125 million pilot program to study taxing Americans for every mile they drive.

A mileage tax is one way Democrats plan to use the threat of so-called “climate change” to punish rural Americans who vote Republican and don’t live in big cities where mass transit is readily available.

Forbes reports:

The infrastructure bill includes $125 million to fund pilot programs to test a national vehicle miles traveled fee.

National pilot program: This includes $10 million each year from 2022 to 2026 for a national vehicles miles traveled fee pilot program.

State and local pilot program: This includes $75 million provided from the federal government to regional, state and local transportation agencies. The breakdown is $15 million provided each year from 2022 to 2026.

The 19 so-called “Republicans” who voted for this bill voted to raise taxes on their own voters to benefit Democrats who live in cities and to help Democrats take one more step towards implementing the Green New Deal.

It was an unconscionable betrayal.

Joe Biden and his allies never met a tax hike they did not like so it is not surprising that Biden did not fight against including a tax on every mile Americans drive in this bill.

But Republicans are now on record supporting key plans of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s agenda.

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