Joe Biden had this jaw-dropping response to gas prices hitting a record high

When Donald Trump left office, America was energy independent.

Joe Biden threw that all away with predictably disastrous results.

But Joe Biden had this jaw-dropping response to gas prices hitting a record high.

When Donald Trump left office, gas was $2.34 per gallon.

But the price of fuel surged to a record-high on Monday due in part to the war in Ukraine.

Of course, thanks to Biden’s clampdown on domestic oil and natural gas production, gas was already skyrocketing in price.

With the price of a barrel of oil hitting $130, Biden sought to cut secret deals with Russian-allied governments in Iran and Venezuela in order to increase the global supply of oil.

However, Biden will not reverse course on his disastrous anti-fossil fuel domestic agenda.

Biden will not order construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline to resume.

Biden will not issue new fracking leases on federal lands.

Nor will Biden allow oil exploration in ANWR.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum appeared on Fox News and slammed Biden for rushing to help America’s enemies increase their oil production while at the same time trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry here in the United States.

“If you care about the environment, you should want to have every barrel of oil produced in the United States versus elsewhere. And the idea that we’re talking to authoritarian regimes like Venezuela and Iran to try to increase production, and that same administration has not and is not talking to American oil executives, it’s absolutely absurd. And it’s like this administration does not understand that energy policy and U.S. national security are completely intertwined and cannot be separated,” Governor Burgum stated.

“I’m not sure if they’re aware or not, but it seems they’re hostage to the far-Left environmentalists that have some kind of fantasy idea that shutting down energy production in the U.S. is good for the global environment. It’s not when every barrel of oil is produced more cleanly here,” Governor Burgum added.

Joe Biden does not mind high gas prices.

It’s actually the point of his agenda.

Joe Biden would like to impose a radical Green New Deal agenda on America, and that means transitioning the U.S. away from oil and natural gas towards more costly alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

But as long as gas prices remain low, wind and solar power can’t compete.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just giving Joe Biden an excuse to pursue the course of action on crushing the domestic oil and natural gas industry.

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