Joe Biden got very nervous when these brand-new poll numbers had bad news for Democrats

The events that will determine the political terrain in 2022 are playing out right now.

Democrats may not even be aware of the ground changing beneath their feet.

And Joe Biden got very nervous when these brand-new poll numbers had bad news for Democrats.

On September 14, Californians will vote in a recall election to decide embattled Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s fate.

The recall picked up steam last fall after Newsom was photographed at the French Laundry restaurant dining with a large group and not wearing a mask even though he told residents of the state not to gather with their families for the holidays because of the dangers of the coronavirus.

If California voters choose to recall Newsom, they will then pick from one of the 43 other candidates on the ballot vying to replace him.

Recent polls show the race a toss-up.

But a Survey USA/KABC poll shows voters supporting recalling Newsom by 11 points.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports:

51 percent of those asked indicated they would vote to remove Newsom from office.

Forty percent of respondents said they would vote no on the recall . . .

. . . According to SurveyUSA, registered Republican voters overwhelmingly support removing the incumbent first-term governor, by a ratio of 8 to 1.

Democrats oppose the recall effort 3-to-1, the poll found. Independent voters supported the notion of recalling Newsom by a ratio of 5 to 3, the survey said.

This could portend a terrible midterm for Democrats.

Newsom’s support for COVID restrictions is the number one reason given to support his recall.

Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in the Golden State so voters recalling Newsom would show that independents and even some Democrats are ready to vote out Democrats who want to put America in a state of permanent pandemic restrictions and that Republicans are fired up to vote.

In 2010 and 2018, wins by Scott Brown and Doug Jones in Senate races portended massive wave elections.

California voters recalling Gavin Newsom could send the signal that 2022 will not be a good year for Democrats.

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