Joe Biden got some bad news that sent Democrats running for their lives

Democrats hoped a turnaround was in the cards.

But those hopes went up in flames.

And Joe Biden got some bad news that sent Democrats running for their lives.

CBS is the latest media organization to find Joe Biden’s approval rating sinking to record lows.

The latest CBS/YouGov poll found 42 percent of Americans disapproved of the job Biden was doing as President.

That wasn’t even the worst news in the poll.

Over 60 percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of crime, immigration, the economy, and inflation.

Since those are the four most important issues to voters heading into the 2022 elections, this spells disaster for Democrats.

A second poll from Redfield Wilton – likely influenced by voter sentiments that CBS and YouGov picked up – found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by five points and Kamala Harris by nine points in a potential 2024 matchup.

This disastrous polling data helps explain a number of recent developments in Washington and Democrat Party politics.

Joe Biden’s disastrous polling numbers help explain why the corporate-controlled media is now extremely eager to report that not only are the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop real, but that Hunter Biden also faces increasing danger of criminal charges.

The goal of this leak campaign is to force Joe Biden to decline to seek re-election so that Democrats can find a new candidate who stands a better chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2024.

But the Redfield Wilton poll also shows why so many Democrats are preparing to run for President in 2024, chief among them being Hillary Clinton.

No one believes Kamala Harris is a serious candidate or stands any chance of winning.

That’s why Hillary Clinton is very publicly taking all the steps prospective Presidential contenders take, such as giving major speeches, hosting events for down ballot candidates, and popping up on Sunday shows for high-profile interviews.

But the truth of the matter is that Democrats have no strong bench of Presidential contenders.

Hillary Clinton has already failed in two White House campaigns, and the other potential contenders are all also-rans from 2020 who could not defeat Joe Biden.

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