Joe Biden got one letter that could lead to Kamala Harris being replaced

Kamala Harris is starting to cause problems for Joe Biden.

It could blow up in the Democrats’ faces next year.

And now Joe Biden got one letter that could lead to Kamala Harris being replaced.

More than seven weeks ago, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as the administration representative overseeing the border crisis.

Critics contend that Biden created the border crisis by stopping construction on the wall, rolling back Donald Trump’s immigration policies, and spouting off open borders rhetoric.

Since Biden tapped Harris for that role, Harris has not held one press conference on the crisis or visited the border.

The disastrous results have Republicans demanding change.

In March, the Border Patrol arrested 172,000 illegal aliens trying to the country and in April that number ballooned to 178,000.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich fired off a letter to Biden pointing out the calamity at the border and Harris’ failures.

Brnovich demanded Biden replace Harris as his border czar.

“Her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal, so I am requesting that she be replaced as your ‘border czar,’” Brnovich wrote.

Brnovich added that delay or inaction in trying to solve this crisis threatened the safety and sovereignty of the United States.

“We cannot afford to wait another day, week, or month of apathy and inaction by any official in your administration,” Brnovich added.

Brnovich concluded by restating his desire that Biden replace Harris as border czar with someone willing to take action to bring the crisis to an end.

“I conclude by respectfully requesting that Vice President Harris be replaced as America’s ‘border czar,’” Brnovich stated.

Some Republicans worry that the inaction by Harris at the border was the plan all along.

Democrats want as many illegal aliens as possible coming across the border so they can pass the biggest amnesty bill in history.

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