Joe Biden got his hands on the results of this shocking poll that left a knot in his throat

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been one rolling disaster after another.

Now Biden suffered another gut punch of bad news.

And that’s because Joe Biden got his hands on the results of this shocking poll that left a knot in his throat.

Joe Biden demanded House Republicans pile trillions of dollars of new debt on the heads of every man, woman, and child in America.

Biden claimed unless the GOP caved in and granted him trillions in new borrowing authority to finance his socialist agenda, the economy would tank and Republicans would bear the blame for a global depression.

But Republicans in the House of Representatives called Biden’s bluff and passed legislation to cut spending, defund the woke bureaucracy, and begin to put America back on a path of fiscal sanity.

Joe Biden bet big that the American people were addicted to big government and would demand the GOP give in to Biden’s demands rather than rein in out-of-control spending.

That turned out to be a disastrous decision.

A CNN poll found that 60 percent of the American people agreed with the Republicans that Congress and the White House need to agree in cutting spending.

The American people feel the pinch of the runaway inflation caused by Joe Biden’s socialist spending spree.

With paychecks not rising as fast as prices, Americans suffered a severe pay cut under Joe Biden.

The people want spending under control but Biden refuses to budge.

Louisiana Republican Congressman Garret Graves slammed Biden for not wanting to cut one penny of socialist spending.

“There is a significant gap between where we are and where they are on finances . . . and unless and until the White House recognizes that this is a spending problem, we’re going to continue to have a significant gap,” Graves stated.

The economy is sinking into a recession because of Joe Biden’s inflation.

Normally when politicians run for re-election and they sense the public is against them they change course.

But Joe Biden refuses to pivot on spending because Biden knows he is a vehicle for the socialist Left and that he needs a united and fired up Democrat Party base or Biden stands no chance of winning re-election.

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