Joe Biden got caught red-handed doing something shady with the coronavirus vaccine

Joe Biden is in trouble.

Americans are on to him.

And Joe Biden got caught red-handed doing something shady with the coronavirus vaccine.

After weeks of ridicule and criticism, Joe Biden abruptly reversed course and essentially declared the coronavirus pandemic over.

Biden announced the Centers for Disease Control changed their recommendations to say that vaccinated Americans no longer had to wear masks or social distance.

Since there are no vaccine passports in America this means Americans who don’t want to wear a mask won’t have to and states can reopen businesses to 100 percent capacity.

Republicans had some questions.

Just two days ago, the CDC Director said she would not allow her 16-year-old son to go to summer camp out of fear of the coronavirus.

48-hours later the pandemic is in the rear view mirror.

Conservatives blasted the Biden administration for only making this announcement to distract from the growing catalogue of failures.

Right now Americans are suffering from gas, Bidenflation, immigration and jobs crises.

The Middle East is on fire.

Republicans ripped Biden for using the CDC to distract from the fact that in a little over 100 days Biden destroyed the country.

“While the new mask guidance is encouraging, the CDC and my Far Radical Left colleagues only chose to do this to distract from the consequences of catastrophic policy decisions that have been heard around the world,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs stated. “Inflation is rising, the Middle East is in shambles, the working class can’t fill up their gas tanks, our border is being overrun and the Biden Administration’s leadership is nowhere to be found.”

Others noted that this announcement could have been made at any point in the last several weeks.

“Why today? The science hasn’t changed,” Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asked.

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