Joe Biden got caught red-handed committing this impeachable offense at the border

Joe Biden’s border crisis reached a dangerous new level.

The health and safety of the American people are now at risk.

And Joe Biden got caught red-handed committing this impeachable offense at the border.

Joe Biden is demanding Americans wear masks and at the same time supporting forced vaccination programs.

While Biden is burdening the American people with new COVID restrictions, Biden is opening the border to smuggle illegal aliens infected with coronavirus into American communities.

In just one week, the administration farmed out 1,500 COVID positive illegal aliens into the city of McAllen, Texas leading to local authorities declaring a state of emergency.

The Biden administration previously wasn’t even telling communities or law enforcement that illegal aliens who tested positive for coronavirus were shipped into their city or town.

Law enforcement in McAllen only got wind of the scheme when residents spotted the illegal aliens out at a local restaurant.

Since February, the Biden administration transferred 7,500 illegal aliens testing positive for coronavirus, which could potentially help seed future outbreaks.

Biden claimed he wanted to “crush the virus.”

Instead, Biden is inviting the virus into America.

Republicans like Texas Congressman Chip Roy suggested this amounted to an impeachable offense.

But with Republicans still in the minority, that is unlikely to happen until 2023 at the earliest.

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