Joe Biden got caught in a coronavirus lie that immediately blew up in his face

Joe Biden and his allies are trying to remind Americans that he is still running for President.

It is not going well.

And Joe Biden got caught in a coronavirus lie that immediately blew up in his face.

Biden has tried to engage in a media blitz to inject himself back into the national political conversation.

The former Vice President’s campaign sees how President Trump being front and center every day at daily televised press briefings informing the American people of the government’s pandemic response have caused the President’s job approval numbers to rise.

In an interview with the Associated Press, former Vice President Biden once again showed he was a confused man in a state of serious cognitive decline when he claimed President’s Trump’s job approval numbers have not gone up during this pandemic.

“The president’s numbers with the public have gone up in handling this crisis, but they haven’t gone up in terms of his presidency,” Biden falsely claimed.

There was a pause as the reporter conducting the interview realized that even though she was a member of the liberal media she had to fact check Biden on the spot.

The reporter mentioned to Biden that the most recent Gallup Poll showed President Trump’s approval rating at an all-time high in their poll.

“Gallup did show he is now at 49 percent job approval, which is a reversal from a few weeks ago,” the reporter told Biden. “It does suggest that the American people see him as a stronger leader than you’ve been characterizing him.”

Biden was left stammering and could only claim that the President’s numbers should have gone up more than they did.

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43 Responses

  1. Bender says:

    That’s right William hand outs should only go to the rich and corporations at tax time. Obama fixed the Bush recession. Cadet bone spurs caused another by giving tax breaks to companies that didn’t invest in the US workers instead kept money in house. If you give the money to middle class and lower class the spend it and put it back into the economy. 10000 people buying a car helps way more than 1 buying a yacht. Whoever taught you guys trickle down works is a great conman.

  2. Norman Lee says:

    Joe Biden (in MSNBC interview) stated there is good news and bad news. The bad news was everyone knows who he is and the bad news was everyone knows who he is. He even forgot there was suppose to be Good news.

  3. William Lockridge says:

    @Bender. There’s a really big difference between a hand up and a handout. What Trump has done is to give families and small businesses and hand up NOT a handout. The Democraps give handouts to buy votes, not because they’re concerned about our well being. If they are so gracious then tell me, why, when we were losing our jobs and homes during the Great Recession, or, more correctly, the greatest theft offense in the history of mankind, then why did Obummer not institute HARP much sooner and punish the banks for failing to returning borrowers phone calls and when they did, having them send in the same paperwork as many as 5 to 6 times so they could stall for time? Obama didn’t waste any time handing out money to the banks, insurance companies, and car companies (of which we have about ten too many to begin with). I once was a Democrat and I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself.

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