Joe Biden got blindsided when a top Democrat called him out for this huge failure

Joe Biden’s Presidency continues to operate like a clown car.

Even his fellow Democrats know Biden is blowing it.

And Joe Biden got blindsided when a top Democrat called him out for this huge failure.

Last year, the Biden administration allowed more than two million illegal aliens to invade America.

That number is projected to rise in 2022.

That’s because Joe Biden wants open borders and the largest number of illegal aliens in the country as possible so that Democrats can create millions of new voters with an amnesty scheme.

At least one Senate Democrat understands the calamity Biden invited.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema slammed Biden for not putting measures in place to deter illegal aliens from marching across the border, calling the current illegal immigration levels “unsustainable.”

“Nothing, there’s not been any active steps to stem the flow of migrants from the border,” Sinema stated. “One of the things I’ve been working on with my colleagues in both parties is to discuss the fact that the current flow is unsustainable.”

“[Washington] D.C. has shown little regard for the actual crisis that’s occurring in Arizona, and we know that,” Sinema added. “We’ve paid the price for the federal government’s failure to fix our broken immigration system for most of my lifetime.”

Sinema called out the Biden administration for sitting on its hands while border states bore the brunt of the illegal alien invasion.

“The administration does need to take action,” Sinema stated.

“There hasn’t been as much movement on this as those of us in border states like Arizona and Texas have been calling for, for many years,” Sinema concluded.

From day one, Joe Biden tried to roll back Donald Trump’s successful border policies.

Biden halted construction on the wall and has attempted to end the Remain in Mexico Protocols that stopped the dangerous practice of catch and release.

Multiple federal judges blocked Biden from doing so, but the administration is dragging its feet on enforcing the Remain in Mexico Protocols.

Illegal aliens understood that Joe Biden taking office meant it was an open invitation to storm the border.

Multiple media outlets interviewed illegal aliens declaring that they only made the journey to America because Joe Biden was President.

Polls show Americans give Joe Biden low marks for his handling of the illegal immigration crisis.

Kyrsten Sinema is not up for re-election until 2024, but she understands the anger at Joe Biden’s open borders policies in states like Arizona.

And she is already looking to create distance from Biden.

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