Joe Biden got blindsided by this close ally telling him all the polls were wrong

The corporate-controlled media is pushing the narrative that Joe Biden is the new FDR steamrolling the Republican Party with a wildly popular legislative agenda.

But that media generated account of events is collapsing.

And Joe Biden got blindsided by this close ally telling him all the polls were wrong.

Joe Biden is planning a four trillion dollar spending spree to impose the Green New Deal and socialist welfare state on America under the guise of an “infrastructure” bill.

Biden also plans to pay this bill with $3 trillion in new tax increases to redistribute wealth to Democrat voting constituencies.

The corporate-controlled media cites polling data showing 50 to 60 percent of Americans supposedly support these schemes to raise taxes and impose socialism on America.

But it’s looking like, once again, the polls are wrong.

Democrats who actually have to win elections are terrified at the political implications of Joe Biden’s tax hikes and can’t unite to pass the legislation through the House and Senate using just Democrat votes.

The Washington Post reports:

President Biden’s desire to offset more than $4 trillion in spending proposals with higher taxes is struggling to gain momentum in Congress.

Pockets of skepticism have emerged within Biden’s party over White House plans to raise the corporate tax rate, revamp the international tax system and double tax rates on wealthy investors, among other measures critical to the administration’s plans. The party faces regional divides over taxes as well, with farm-state Democrats skittish about taxes on heirs and coastal Democrats demanding the repeal of limits on state and local tax deductions, which would amount to an expensive tax cut that would require higher taxes elsewhere.

Inflation is skyrocketing and Americans are not going back to work as Joe Biden’s enhanced unemployment benefits pay more money to sit at home than get back on the job.

Democrats were counting on the economy as their calling card in next year’s elections.

But Biden’s policies already weakened the economy and trillions of dollars in new tax hikes may send the economy tumbling into shambles.

And while the corporate-controlled media words their poll questions to elicit the best response possible for Democrats, the members of the party who actually have to campaign on this agenda know it is a loser.

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