Joe Biden got blindsided by one MSNBC host laughing in his face

MSNBC is supposed to be the network Democrats can count on to carry their water.

But Democrats received a rude awakening on that front.

And now Joe Biden got blindsided by one MSNBC host laughing in his face.

Joe Biden tried to claim that his administration took steps to defeat inflation by passing the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

The legislation had nothing to do with fighting inflation.

Instead, it handed out hundreds of billions of dollars in Green New Deal spending as well as hundreds of billions of dollars in new tax increases.

On Tuesday, Biden tried to take a victory lap on inflation by throwing a White House celebration for the passage of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely claimed that the legislation would bring down prices.

“We have heard from Republicans and Democrats who were U.S. Treasury Secretaries who said it would lower inflation. We have heard from more than 126 economists that it would lower inflation,” Jean-Pierre stated. “And so I think that is – that is also an important fact that we point to when we talk about the importance of the Inflation Reduction Act, the importance of lowering costs for American families, even as you look at the energy costs as well.”

But not even MSNBC’s left-wing business analyst and host Stephanie Ruhle was buying that spin.

That’s because Biden tried to spike the football on a day when the stock market tumbled over 1,200 points after the latest inflation report showed prices rising faster than expected.

Ruhle tried to tease out some good economic numbers to spin for MSNBC’s left-leaning audience, but ultimately had to admit “it ain’t happening” in terms of inflation coming under control.

“Inflation is still stubborn. There’s some very good news when you look across things. Gas prices, one of the biggest drivers of inflation, have been going down for the last 91 days,” Ruhle stated. “We like the job picture. We like wages, but as far as inflation, the thought that things are going to go down quickly, it ain’t happening.”

Ruhle noted that gas prices fell over the course of the last two months, but food and healthcare price increases were off the charts and drove inflation higher.

“You said it, rent is high, healthcare costs are high, energy costs are high. We talk about inflation as it relates to going to the grocery store,” Ruhle added. “For you and me every time we get our milk, eggs, everything is very expensive. So for families, the everyday things we’re buying still cost a lot, despite the fact the Fed has made moves to raise rates.”

Inflation is soaring because Joe Biden devalued the currency with trillions of dollars in new socialist spending.

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