Joe Biden gave this weird answer about running for re-election in 2024

Joe Biden will be 82 years old in 2024.

Biden’s cognitive decline is apparent to all Americans.

And now Joe Biden gave this weird answer about running for re-election in 2024.

Joe Biden sat down for a rare interview with ABC’s left-wing anchor David Muir.

Biden sits for so few interviews because Biden’s handlers cannot trust the increasingly senile Biden to stick to the script on his answers.

The questions about Biden’s cognitive decline led Muir to press Biden on whether Biden planned to run for re-election.

“I want to ask you about something I asked weeks before the election when we sat down. You said you would absolutely serve eight years if elected. Do you plan to run for reelection?” Muir asked.

Biden delivered his standard answer of yes, but added a caveat for the first time.

“Yes, but look, I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden began.

Biden claimed that fate involving his health could force him to take a pass on running for reelection.

“Fate has intervened in my life many, many times. If I’m in the health — I’m in now, if I’m in good health then, in fact, I would run again,” Biden added.

Biden must say he is running for re-election.

His presidency ends and Democrats fortunes in 2022 take an even sharper turn for the worse if Biden announces he is a lame duck President by not seeking a second term.

But for the first time, Biden planted the seeds of an out for Biden to save face if Democrats force Biden off the stage due to declining poll numbers and senility.

Muir asked Biden if Donald Trump announcing a 2024 candidacy would influence Biden’s thinking.

“You’re trying to tempt me now?” Biden shot back.

Biden claimed Trump running in 2024 would make it more likely he would seek a second term.

“Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump for the nominee? That would increase the prospect of running,” Biden told Muir.

However, this is just bluffing on Biden’s part.

If Donald Trump announces a 2024 candidacy and leads Joe Biden in the polls, Democrats will replace Joe Biden with another candidate.

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