Joe Biden gave Americans trapped in Afghanistan this horrible ultimatum

Joe Biden deserted thousands of Americans to the mercy of the Taliban.

Those U.S. citizens are scrambling to escape from Afghanistan.

And Joe Biden gave Americans trapped in Afghanistan this horrible ultimatum.

The administration cannot tell the public how many Americans it abandoned in Afghanistan.

There could be as many as 40,000 Americans trapped behind enemy lines.

And the administration admitted they have no plan to evacuate them and can’t guarantee their safe passage to the Kabul Airport.

But that isn’t the worst of the situation.

The Biden administration informed all stranded Americans that they must pay $2,000 if they hope to win a seat on a flight out of Afghanistan.

Americans could not believe their government would put a price in the lives and safety of its own citizens.

The administration later claimed it waived the bounty fee for evacuation.

But the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy – who broke the initial story – reported that by the following morning, the government’s webform to request evacuation still demanded Americans promise to pay the government a $2,000 repatriation fee.

“Just checked again this AM & despite State Dept spox saying yesterday that ‘we have no intention of seeking any reimbursement from those fleeing Afghanistan’, the required ‘U.S. Embassy Kabul Repatriation Assistance Request 2021’ form still makes you promise to pay up to $2,000+,” Dunleavy reported.

From soup to nuts Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan was a complete disaster.

Charging Americans hiding in their homes in fear of Taliban gangs an extortion fee to escape the country was the final straw for many.

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