Joe Biden found out some bad news from the last place he ever expected

Joe Biden’s struggling presidency hit another roadblock.

This time, Biden cannot blame Republicans.

And Joe Biden found out some bad news from the last place he ever expected.

Joe Biden made his way over to the Capitol on Thursday morning to pitch Democrats on a $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill.

Biden’s attempt to drag this legislation across the finish line comes during a time of anemic economic growth – the latest GDP report showed the economy expanding by just 2 percent in the third quarter – and surging inflation combined with supply chain shortages.

The White House attempted to gaslight the press into believing all Democrats – swing state members and socialists – lined up behind this $1.75 trillion boondoggle.

It worked on multiple outlets.

“President Joe Biden headed to Capitol Hill early Thursday to make the case to House Democrats for a dramatically scaled-back domestic policy package, $1.75 trillion of social services and climate change programs the White House believes can pass the 50-50 Senate,” The Associated Press reports.

But that was not the truth.

Democrats were still divided as ever, with socialists demanding a more expansive bill realizing that Republicans were likely to win Congress next year and this could be their last chance for some time to turn America into a socialist nation.

Moderates worried the bill collected a bunch of left-wing priorities that would guarantee a massive public backlash next year.

That tension was on display when reporters talked to the actual people that mattered – elected members of Congress who had to vote on the bill.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders told his forces not to vote on a $1.2 trillion Green New Deal down payment bill until the Senate passed the $1.75 trillion socialist welfare spending package.

“New – In a key sign of the challenges facing Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders told House progressives he backs their position against moving ahead with the infrastructure bill until the larger economic package moves through the House at the same time, per two sources,” CNN’s Manu Raj reported.

But Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin revealed that not all 50 Democrat Senators supported the $1.75 trillion bill, meaning Joe Biden lacked the votes to pass his centerpiece legislation.

“Asked Sen @DickDurbin this morning whether he’s certain all 50 Senate Dems support just announced framework: ‘No, I wish I could say yes, but the there’s a great deal of uncertainty within the caucus as to what’s contained in the deal,’” ABC’s Allison Pecorin reported.

Democrats have been stuck in this state of disarray on socialist spending bills since this summer.

And it appears Joe Biden’s visit to the Capitol proved to be another waste of time.

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