Joe Biden faced this resignation demand that left his head spinning

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is staring down a mutiny inside his own party.

No incumbent President ever faced anything like this since LBJ during the Vietnam War.

And now Joe Biden faced this resignation demand that left his head spinning.

The one-two combination of a CBS poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by three points nationally and New York Times/Siena polls finding Trump ahead of Biden in five of the six swing states that will determine the election increased the volume of calls on the Left for Joe Biden to step aside and let the party pick a new candidate.

Former Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan ran against Biden in the 2020 race and then unsuccessfully campaigned for Senate in 2022.

In an interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt, Ryan said for the good of the party and the country Joe Biden should decline to run for re-election.

Ryan tried to massage his demand that Biden pass on seeking a second term by saying he didn’t think Trump should run again either.

“I don’t think Trump should run. I don’t think President Biden should run. We have talent in the Democratic party. There are some leaders in the Republican party who are willing to take on the insurrectionists and take on Trump, and I think those candidates should be considered as well, but the whole country wants to move on,” Ryan began.

Ryan claimed Biden could take a face-saving exit out of the race by saying he needed to focus on preventing World War III from breaking out in Europe and the Middle East.

“I think that it would be the right thing to do for the president to not run, for him to focus on what’s going on in the Middle East, focus on what’s going on in Ukraine . . . Spend the next 14 months focusing on that and let new candidates emerge in the Democratic party,” Ryan added.

Democrats never had a great love affair with Joe Biden.

The party reluctantly rallied around the two-time failed Presidential candidate only because party leaders believed Bernie Sanders would doom the party to defeat if he won the nomination.

Ryan made the transactional approach to Joe Biden abundantly clear when told Hunt that the overriding factor that should force Biden out of the race is the fact that he’s losing to Trump despite the Democrats weaponizing the justice system means Biden has no more cards left to play and the game is up.

“The guy’s getting indicted in four different states on 90-something different counts! He led an insurrection against the country!” Ryan concluded. “For it to even be this close, let alone he’s winning in these blue states where we should be up huge, that just shows how bad the Democratic Party brand is and how unfortunately people are looking at President Biden not quite connecting to them on the issues that are important to them.”

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