Joe Biden embarrassed himself in front of the world after saying just five words

Joe Biden wants more than anything to be president.

But in recent weeks, the world has had to watch his campaign disintegrate along with his reputation.

And by trying to revive his campaign, he just embarrassed himself in front of the world with five words.

The end of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign can be traced back to his first presidential debate.

Prior to the debate, nobody could get close to Biden in the polls.

His commanding lead was thought to be unbeatable.

But all of that changed when Biden began facing questions about his record on race issues, coming just days after he faced criticism for praising segregationist Senators.

Sen. Kamala Harris was particularly harsh, launching a heart-wrenching attack on Biden for his past opposition to desegregation of school buses, adding that she was in one of the first classes to desegregate buses, making it personal for her.

In response, Biden faced the biggest drop in poll numbers of the entire campaign.

And in a recent interview, he finally opened up about the attack on him, stating that he later said to Harris, “I thought we were friends.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden opened up Thursday about his relationship with Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris after the two clashed at the first Democratic debate last month.

Biden appeared on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” and said that he hoped to remain friends with Harris, who tearfully attacked the former vice president during the first debate over his past stances on race-related issues.

“Have you and Sen. Harris talked since the last situation that you had at the debates?” co-host Sybil Wilkes asked.

“I think I saw her in passing, I think at the fish fry, Jim Clyburn, said ‘hi’ to her,” Biden said, referring to House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s annual fish fry. “Look, we were, no I’m serious look, we, I thought we were friends, and I hope we still will be.”

Biden also claimed that Harris enlisted his help when she ran for senate in 2016.

His whiney response shows just how entitled Biden is.

He truly believes that he has some divine right to the Democrat nomination, and eventually a spot as president.

So when another Democrat launches an entirely fair attack on him, he hits not with a rebuttal, but with an attempt to guilt trip.


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72 Responses

  1. libra says:

    He will give the USA to China on a platter just as Obama did.. Biden was well paid as his straw man son Hunter was given 1 and a half billion dollars to start a hedge fund which he knows nothing about., by the Bank of China. Hunter has a bad drug habit was kicked out of the Naval reserves for cocaine use. John Kerry and his stepson Chris Heinz accompanied the Bidens on Air Force One to pick up the $$$ Read about it in a new book called “hidden empires” by Peter Schweitzer. Joe is so corrupt that he does not even think it is wrong.r

  2. john says:

    It is because of biden that I do not have to pay admission to be entertained

    • Kathy says:

      He is definitely somebody screaming to be made fun of. And what a kiss-ass he is to the black affirmative action politicians, especially that buffoon ex-president he served under.

  3. Mona says:

    All Democrats embarrass themselves. They are positive proof that some humans do not use much of their brains.

  4. Ernst says:

    Joe Biden for many years held the position as dimmest bulb in the US Senate. He was chosen as VP for Obama because he is white and was believed to be able to stay quiet and out of the way. As a potential President, Joe Biden might be the worst possible choice. To have such an unintelligent person as chief executive of the US would be an unmitigated disaster.

  5. Racists forTrump says:

    Trump is everything he calls other people, a racist, stupid, cowardly, crazy, fat, disgusting, lying, arrogant, nasty, vengeful, evil, corrupt. Historians already are rating his by far the worst President in history and that includes conservative historians.

    • John M. Tully says:

      Such a clever name! How long did it take the Cub Scout pack to come up with that? It’s too bad Cub Scouts can’t vote because you all sound so well-informed it just isn’t doing America a favor leaving you guys at Chucky Cheese on that particular Tuesday instead of casting those well thought out votes! Maybe someday when you all grow up, move out of mom’s basement and start paying taxes you’ll all understand how bad Democratic politics are/were for this country. All those things they taught you to say about our President if they were said about Obama you’d all be tossed out of Scouts and called racists! Isn’t that just silly? And you talk about racism like you all actually have knowledge of what it is. Clearly, you don’t. That must have been thought up by one of the dumbest kids in the pack who probably gets caught wearing his mother’s underwear and jerking off in the grocery store while reading the Nat’l Enquirer. Well, it’s time for bed. Run off now before mom comes looking for you!!!

    • Ida Socci says:

      What are you smoking?
      Looks like you’re confusing him with Obama, except that BHO is not fat. But besides having been THE worst president in history, he’s also a complete fraud and the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

      • Racists forTrump says:

        Obama has been rated the 14th best President buy 91 historians, those historians rate Trump the worst in almost every category.

  6. Mike Oxbig says:

    I tried to see things from the democrat point of view, but I couldn’t get my head up my ass.

  7. Dan Gibson says:

    Sleepy, Creepy Joe has JUST BEGUN his totally hopeless, foolist Rhetoric … It’s gonna be so much FUN to watch and listen to him ( NOTTT ! ) for the next 16 months — provided his cutthroat partie doesn’t run him out of town before then … which AIN’T A BAD IDEA !

  8. Lynn says:

    Biden is a FLAKE that changes his opinion to get votes. He bragged about introducing the bill on the Federal Death Penalty, bragging “I did that” now he opposes the Death Penalty. If this Moronic Liar did become President, you can kiss this country and freedom goodbye. Hopefully we can get rid of most of these EVIL DEMOCRATS and get on with making our country strong again. VOTE TRUMP 2020

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      The Democratic party wants to deceive the American people into believing that all of our problems are caused by “greedy” corporations and rich white males instead of them blaming themselves for those problems which is where those problems comes from.

  9. Rogggger says:

    And then there was 1.

  10. Gregory Sullivan says:

    When one votes Democrat, all you are doing is punishing success and rewarding failure, which takes away incentives for people to work hard and try to be successful and just be lazy and apathetic.

  11. Raymond J Stewart says:

    If Joe Biden would win this country would be so messed up it would not be funny. Joe just quit before you are asked to leave. You are not smart at all. Just leave nd let Donald Trumph finish his job. Any questions send e an e-mail.

  12. Big Schlong says:

    Was it !!!!!!! I am an ass hole

  13. G Arneman says:

    You didn’t or couldn’t have said anything to beat our current President Trump, sorry.

    • Just tired says:

      Biden has been in politics a very long time. Has never accomplished anything of value to the American public. As fo Harris if you are old and white in her book you are a racist. And back when busing started there was enough racism to go around. Sadly democrat people want us to stay divided that is why they are the first to bring up colors of people the first to assume a person is racist. Trump just wants everyone to work get of the democrat plantation look around see for yourself how welfare keeps you in poverty. It’s not helping you and you continue to vote democrat because they keep giving welfare. But you are still poor.

  14. Warren Allen says:

    Reagan said, “I did not leave the the Democrat party. The Democrat Party left me.” Democrats love killing babies–in the womb, being born, and after birth. Democrat love illegal invaders far more than American citizens. Democrats lie, lie again, then lie continually. Democrats are seditious, and traitorous. Democrats want to kill innocent babies but protest the execution of brutal cop killing gang members.

    Trump has done more to reverse the horrid trend of policies, regulations, and malaise left by Obama. He needs 4 more years to complete the WALL and to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    One reason why the dems want Trump thrown out of office is that once that border wall is completed, it will reduce illegal immigration to a very small trickle of people ftom whom they depend upon to get votes to help them win elections and reelection, making it much much harder to win them.

  16. John says:

    If you vote for a Democrat then be ready to see our country go down the toilet. They have corrupt, immoral and evil plans for everyone but themselves. They sit in their big homes with security and walls around them raking in contributions and backing big corporations. They really do not care about you and me. Look and listen to what they say about our POTUS , our country and even their on party candidates. They thought it was self entitlement but we need to show them they have to do something to help our country and legal citizens. Trump is trying to make and keep America great so no matter what you may feel about him personally, he is doing a good job. Vote to re-elect him and remove and replace these corrupt Democrats in 2020. They have made their own mess In the swamp and we need to help drain them.

  17. James Howard says:

    Demonrats can’t win without every kind of voter & electoral fraud & manipulation. They can’t win without control of schools, universities, crime & media to concoct & agree to their endless lies.

  18. James Howard says:

    Here’s list of reasons to vote democrat:
    1. You are a progressive (communist)
    2. You sympathize with pedophiles.
    3. You see right to death as first unalienable right.
    4. You believe everything should be free, & don’t mind settling for a bucket of rocks.
    5. You sympathize with narcissists, sociopaths & psychotics.
    6. You think George Soros is the world’s savior.
    7. You mastetbate at all times, so your brain is atrophied & your hormones in chaos.
    8. To believe whatever mainstream media reports.
    9. You hate America & rule of law.
    10. You’re a blood sucking Antifa leeech.
    11. You’re a rich elitest dedicated to elimination of the middle class & consolidating elite upper class power.
    12. You love the company of rats, cockroaches, & swamp reptiles.
    13. You’re a coward & hate to think or feel for yourself based on ethics or moral principles.
    14. You simply like to go with the flow & ride with the tide.
    15. You can’t bear to be called rascist, islamophobe, xenophobe, mysogynist, sexist, etc., you live in a rage & like to call anyone who disagrees with you rascist, etc.,, and don’t realize you ARE rascist, etc.
    16. You hate making America Great Again & Keeping America Great & will do anything to destroy it.
    17. You never grew up & enjoy your infantile privelege while condemning imagined male patriarchy & mythical white privelege.
    18. You love drugs, free sex, smoke lots of marijuana or wish you could.
    19. You live in your parent’s (mother or grandmother) basement.
    20. You think soy is healthfood.

    • Robert Berger says:

      This list is beyond idiotic and shows how totally out of touch with reality you are . Stop watching Fox news, which is nothing but Trump’s official propaganda machine !

      • Grizz Mann says:

        Hypocrisy, Lying, Misleading, Stupidity, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, Prevaricators , Perjurers, Pedophiles, Communists, Homophobic, Racist all Democrat résumé enhancements.

      • Vee says:

        Robert Berger: All of the other “News” stations all so bias it’s sickening to listen to them. YOU are the one that is totally out of touch. I bet CNN is one of your favorites..

      • John M. Tully says:

        All the masturbation is clearly affecting your perception of reality, Robbie. So let the adults handle the big problems and you can go back in Mommies closet, grab her panties to sniff and finish pumping one out by hand. Then go take a nap, it’s getting late.

      • Robert Block says:

        Oh, so we should watch CNN, MSNBC, and NYT for truth?? That’s propaganda!!

      • Sarah says:

        But James Howard only gave a partial list. There’s more! He’s not an idiot at all. You just can’t deal with the truth.

        And as far as Fox News being a propaganda machine for President Trump, it is the only News that has both sides, balanced and has verified facts along with opinions.

        I know that many old fashioned Democrats are being ham strung by the Despotic Democrats of the present, and I actually feel bad for a few who feel betrayed by the party. But not all, some won’t depart from the Democrat party who really want the kind of America that President Trump also wants. These Democrats should pull themselves up out this mire and support a champion of these United States where all men are created equal and freedom lives.

        Trump 2020

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Mr. Berger:
        By the same token , you should also stop watching CNN and the other far leftist news networks that bash Trump 24/7/365 any way they can and stop watching Rachel Maddow and shows like The View as they are poisoning your mind.

        • kath says:

          cnn the view, msnbc and rachel madow should be off the air. when they speak they feel its there right to say freely whatever they want its there 1st ammendment. not true its hatred when they speak, no respect for our president trump and his office. they slamtrump whatever he says everyday. there not for america for which it stands for. there so full of haterd it hasnt hit them in there face. or there could any one vote democracts they do nothing. here we have a president thats making our country great and great again. he is for us and our country. but yet people hate him. and thegarbage that these channels and the view put out is beyon me. hillery lost trump won move on people and do something for our country if not get out and go to a disaster country maybe youwill be happy.

      • Lynn says:

        Robert look in the Webster Dictionary under Moron, Idiot or just plain Stupid and find your name

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Would you be so kind to point out what on this list is inaccurate

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen; I have tried ALL day to leave you a post on Culture Watch and it won’t allow me to. FIY, Spanky is racist for trump/ justice for trump.Just a heads up.

          • Racists forTrump says:

            Linda M, your new name should be Sherlock Holmes, you are so much smarter than your idiot friend Colleen. She is one dense woman, you also have half a heart, she is heartless.

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Good morning dearest Linda
            Ya I have been running into problems posting here & there. this wee little boy you speak of is going even more crazy then usual….he/she/it keeps leaving ignorant comments looking for attention, fortunately most of us are ignoring the creature. I hope you have a great day.
            See you around☺

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Right on!

    • Racists forTrump says:

      This is one sick person, so stupid, misinformed, barely literate, and certainly evil

      • Linda M. says:

        Racists for Trump: This is Linda M. AKA Sherlock Holmes. Anytime you would like to” discuss”your policical position I would be more than willing do so.But without your vile name calling against me and our President. And with an open mind.I don’t know if you do it on purpose or not, but, just because we all have different views for and of our political parties, you shouldn’t start off attacking everyone immediately.But that’s just my opinion. But from what I can see, your approach isn’t working.Now, as far as Colleen, she has a very big heart. But she, just like the rest of us, when attacked, she will retaliate.And she is very smart.
        Posting on these sites , you really don’t know anything about that person personally.So to be so critical serves no purpose.But if you or any of your other “names” you post under, want to keep attacking me. I can not stop you. But I will defend myself.As others have in my defense, as well.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Oh Linda
          Trying to be reasonable with these trolls is a waste of time. They are like pup’s not yet house trained, & piddle all over their selves when they get attention. Thank you dear for your kind words.

        • Racists forTrump says:

          Send your phone number and I will call you Linda. My real name is Rick

          • Linda M. says:

            Racist for Trump; Now, you know I can’t do that.But like I stated, if you want to be civil to me( and others I hope) I’d be more than willing for us to meet in the middle ground.But I also know, how steadfast you have been in your allegiance to the Democratic party and me to the Republican party,so there will still be that division. BUT, at least there should be an open dialog, without name calling and finger pointing.No matter who is right and who is wrong Rick, we still have one world in which to live. One country that I WANT to continue to live in.As I’m sure you do as well.And I certainly do not want another civil war fought on this soil again.But it is on the horizon if we can not come together as one nation. REGARDLESS who is President.Do you understand my position? I don’t know if I left this comment for you or not. But I will repeat it. When my late husband passed away, I received a letter from Obama thanking him for his service to our country. It hangs on the wall next to the American flag that was draped across his coffin. As much as I disliked Obama for many reasons , I still hung it on my wall out of respect.. Now I’m not even suggesting for you to run out and get a photo of Trump and put it on your wall.And before I finish, I can actually see the look of disgust on your face when you read that sentence. But what I am saying, you can dislike Trump all you want. But don’t attack people that do think he is trying to do great things for our country but you feel otherwise,Alright? It was nice “talking ” to you Rick….

  19. Peggy says:

    PLEASE everyone get out & vote for TRUMP as we can’t let one of these Yahoos win.

  20. Don says:

    We can’t do a dam thing. About the government because the democrats. And the crime lords run this country an the people don’t have the funds to do anything about it.anyone who trays will be got rid of why do you think the democrats are crying like they are.they can’t stand it that they can’t control Trump he is the only president in the last 20 yrs they haven’t been able too . The people need to wise up I seen this conmeing for the last 60 yrs

  21. Rich Nicoletti says:

    I like Biden. He’s like one of the guys, but I don’t think I could vote for him. I think his time is well past, and if he hadn’t said a single word, he probably would have been the Dem candidate, but, alas, he spoke.

    • IScream2 says:

      Biden only opens his mouth long enough to change feet….

    • James Howard says:

      Yes! Number 21 reason to vote democrat: You like Biden BUT…

    • John Mead says:

      Biden is a senile buffoon. Away from politics, he might be a likeable guy, but my God, he is brain dead and shouldn’t comment on ANY social issue.

      • M. Tully says:

        Amen John. The sign of a truly great politician but a totally despicable man. Anyone who can’t see it is beyond seeing the Dems for what they are and will never change their minds. We need to stop getting aggravated over the retards. I’m sorry. I need to apologize to the retarded people of the world. Joe doesn’t even rise to the level of a drain bamaged person so he can’t use mental illness as an excuse. He is simply rotten to the core and can no longer help himself. Which is a criteria for mental illness. So, I guess in that way at least, he is retarded.

  22. Harry H Rainey Jr says:

    Democrats have not changed since April 12, 1861 when they engaged in warfare to maintain their RIGHTS and their ownership of SLAVES. The children of the slaves have disgraced themselves with their alliance with their slave masters. Some blacks have escaped the Democrats plantations and joined the Union.

  23. Fay Butler says:

    Divine intervention or not, Republicans should be wary of overconfidence which is what keeps lazy voters from polls instead of voting themselves or taking others to polls to vote.

  24. BuddyA says:

    Kamala Harris was born 10/20/1964. ——— Public buses were desegrated December 20, 1956
    On November 13, 1956, the Supreme Court upheld the district court’s ruling, ruling that segregation on public buses and transportation was against the law. The boycott officially ended December 20, 1956, after 381 days. This took place before Ms. Harris was born
    Forced bussing for school desegregation occurred in the 1970s in California so she lived through that

    • Fay Butler says:

      I do so love “gotcha moments”.

    • Ronald Gonshorowski says:

      In 1976 Kamala Harris moved to Canada.
      When she was born neither of her parents were naturalized citizens.
      So she is not a natural born citizen, but she is a citizen by birth.
      She is not eligible to be President under current law.

  25. Fay Butler says:

    Divine intervention or no, we should all be mindful of over confidence. That makes voters remain at home when they should not only be voting but out taking others to the polls to vote.

  26. tim says:

    Actually he sank his nomination with the first 2 words, ‘I thought.’

  27. Bill says:

    I have to ask the question, why would anyone vote for any of the Democrats running for president? Everything they have told us, if enacted, will destroy the greatest country on Earth. For the vast majority of Americans their agenda would make us slaves to the government – and, of course, they would be the government. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference in any of them and none I would even consider supporting. All I can foresee if a Democrat wins the presidency is what we got from Obamacare. Eighty-five to ninety percent of the people ended up with outrageous medical insurance costs in order to help the ten-to-fifteen percent who had little or no coverage. What the Democrats are now proposing will again destroy the eighty-five-to-ninety percent of Americans in order to support the free everything crowd who want to do nothing to support themselves. People, it is time to get on the Trump bandwagon and help him make America even greater than it is.

  28. Mike says:

    Why would you vote for Biden. His record or lack of it speaks for itself. So what would he be doing there he’s been there and done nothing? He would be a puppet and do whatever he’s told to do by the left. I can’t imagine anybody in the United States that would be Willing to put up with this crap.

    • Biden is lying POS ! In an attempt to suck up to the middle class he recently admitted that he and OBASTARD had left the working Man/Women behind. This SOB thinks that a halfass apology will make up for all the small businesses they put out of business ? All the jobs lost ? All the fear and anguish they caused millions of American families ?

  29. JOHN says:


    • christine says:

      AMEN! Just what I was saying to myself at the end of the article.

      • William J Vital says:

        You do have to remember how many fake and altered ballots “showed up” in/after the last election. The Democraps will try to get more Democraps winning this time also.

        • John Tully says:

          And the FBI, local voter groups and other authorities will be on hand to pull those ballots and keep the elections running so when Trump’s win is announced there will be no questions or recounts!!

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