Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know one fact about what just happened in Texas

Joe Biden seized on the tragedy in Texas to leverage the horror for maximum political gain.

But Biden and his allies in the corporate-controlled media are hiding something serious.

And Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know one fact about what just happened in Texas.

For the first time anyone can remember, Democrats are not questioning the conduct of the police.

Democrats and the media routinely smear police officers as racist, sociopathic murderers.

But White House Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Joe Biden would not question the actions of law enforcement who responded to the school shooting.

“The President has the utmost respect, as you all know, for the men and women of law enforcement,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. “Just days ago, he honored the memory of the former police officer, Aaron Salter, in Buffalo, who was killed bravely while trying to stop the shooter at the supermarket.”

“I know that right now authorities are working to piece together more details of what happened in Uvalde, so we won’t prejudge the results from here at this time,” Jean-Pierre added.

But Joe Biden wasn’t criticizing the police out of some deep respect and appreciation for law enforcement.

Joe Biden didn’t want to question the police because that would disrupt the false narrative that he and the rest of the Fake News Media spun about how only gun control can stop mass shootings.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez admitted that police officers waited outside the school for an hour until tactical units arrived because they were afraid of getting shot.

Olivarez stated:

The active shooter situation, you want to stop the killing, you want to preserve life, but also one thing that – of course, the American people need to understand — that officers are making entry into this building. They do not know where the gunman is. They are hearing gunshots.

They are receiving gunshots. At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could’ve been shot, they could’ve been killed, and that gunman would have had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school.

Americans respect the police.

But police are given badges and guns while being entrusted with awesome power and responsibility in exchange for agreeing to run into buildings where active shooters are attempting to murder kids.

Joe Biden and the media do not want Americans focusing on the failures of law enforcement in this case because it would show that, had the good guys with guns done their jobs, this horror would have been prevented.

The media wants to hide that truth to help Democrats disarm American citizens.

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