Joe Biden dared Donald Trump to do one thing that backfired in a major way

The final Presidential debate did not go well for Joe Biden.

Biden made several unforced errors that has Democrats nervous.

And Joe Biden dared Donald Trump to do one that backfired in a major way.

During a section in the debate on so-called “climate change,” President Trump challenged Joe Biden on his socialist agenda for the environment and the “Green New Deal,” which would eliminate fracking and fossil fuels.

Biden admitted he wanted to eliminate the fossil fuel industry but claimed he wanted to keep fracking, which is a major industry in swing states like Pennsylvania and employs hundreds of thousands of workers.

“I have never said I oppose fracking,” Biden claimed.

“You said it on tape,” President Trump responded.

“Show the tape. Put it on your website,” Biden challenged the President.

President Trump gladly took Biden up on his offer and posted a video on social media of all the times during the Democrat primary that Joe Biden promised voters he would eliminate fracking.

This section of the debate was disastrous for Biden.

Even fake news CNN had to admit after the debate that Biden said on multiple occasions he would eliminate fracking as President.

Biden’s handlers know banning fracking is a losing proposition in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Whoever wins Pennsylvania will likely win the election.

And Joe Biden hurt himself drastically in Pennsylvania by lying about banning fracking and promising to eliminate the oil industry.

Joe Biden leads in the polls.

But the polls have been wrong before.

With 50 million ballots already cast, the question is what will the Election Day turnout look like?

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