Joe Biden backed the MLB All-Star game boycott. These poll numbers left him speechless

Joe Biden and the Democrats thought they held a winning hand.

They were wrong.

Joe Biden backed the MLB All-Star game boycott. These poll numbers left him speechless.

Joe Biden supported calls to move the Major League Baseball game out of Atlanta in protest over Georgia’s new election integrity law.

Biden called the law – which expanded the number of early voting days while requiring voter id when requesting and submitting an absentee ballot – “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Major League Baseball quickly followed Biden’s lead and yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Corporations threatened an economic boycott of the state.

But when the polling data came in, it revealed that Biden and his woke CEO allies overplayed their hand.

A plurality of voters support the state’s new election integrity law.

The poll also asked the question “Do you support American companies using their public role, position or events to influence political, culture and social change?”

By a nearly two-to-one margin Georgians told woke corporations to mind their own business and stay out of politics.

60 percent opposed woke corporations trying to blackmail states into following their political agenda with only 33 percent in favor.

Georgia will feature a high profile Gubernatorial election where failed 2018 candidate Stacey Abrams will run in a rematch against Brian Kemp.

Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock’s race could determine which party controls the majority.

And Joe Biden may have set off a political landmine that could cost his party several high profile races.

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