Joe Biden asked for help from one person that will scare every American

Joe Biden is getting more desperate by the day.

Biden is lurching from crisis to crisis with no way out.

And Joe Biden asked for help from one person that will scare every American.

Joe Biden’s latest attempt to reboot his failing Presidency and stop his polling slide revolves around banning guns.

And now Biden is begging the queen of the gun grabbers to show him the way.

Biden met in the Oval Office with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ardern, a former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, received acclaim on the Left for banning so-called “assault rifles” in New Zealand following the 2019 mass shootings at the Christchurch mosques that left nearly 50 dead and over 40 injured.

“We need your guidance,” Biden told Ardern. “And it’s a pleasure to see you in person.”

Biden praised Ardern for her work to ban guns in New Zealand and to also call for more stringent censorship on social media platforms.

“You understand that your leadership has taken a critical role in this global change, it really has,” Biden added.

“I want to work with you on that effort and I want to talk with you about what those conversations are like if you’re willing,” Biden concluded.

Prime Minister Ardern declared it would be her pleasure to work with Biden on gun control and censoring speech online.

“If there is anything we can share that would be of any value, we are here to share it,” Ardern stated.

During a commencement speech at Harvard University, Ardern earned applause for telling students that following the 2019 tragedy, her government took swift action to ban and confiscate firearms and pressure tech companies to censor speech online.

“We knew we needed significant gun reform, and so that is what we did,” Ardern stated. “But we also knew that if we wanted genuine solutions to the issue of violent extremism online, it would take the government, civil society, and the tech companies themselves to change the landscape.”

“The time has come for social media companies and other online providers to recognise their power and to act on it,” Ardern continued.

Joe Biden pitched himself to voters as a moderate and a centrist.

Instead of stopping his polling slide, by embracing extremist positions on censorship and gun control, Biden will only drive down his numbers even further.

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