Joe Biden alienated a major ally with this disastrous decision

Joe Biden spent his time in office making sure the Left and the media are on board with every move.

Cracks are starting to show.

And now Joe Biden alienated a major ally with this disastrous decision.

Fake news CNN is a reliable house organ for the Biden administration.

Biden can count on propagandists posing as new anchors and reporters to shout pro-Biden slogans and act as sock puppets to regurgitate the administration’s talking points and spin.

CNN was also one of the early adopters of COVID panic porn and technical director Charlie Chester admitted on hidden camera footage obtained by Project Veritas that CNN pumped up the fear to draw ratings.

But now Joe Biden’s absurdly cautious approach on coronavirus is annoying some at CNN.

On the day Biden outrageously claimed vaccinated Americans no longer needed masks when alone outside or with small groups of other vaccinated people was somehow a sign of progress, former Baltimore Health Commissioner and CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen ripped Biden for his overly cautious approach.

Wen said that Biden and his health bureaucrats nibbling around the edges of lifting restrictions was not giving Americans any incentive to get the coronavirus vaccine.

“I understand that the Biden team wants to be cautious, but caution comes at a price. And that price is that people are saying, well, what’s the point of getting vaccinated if not that much changes for me? I think what the Biden administration has been doing is to say, here’s what we, as a society should do, as in, once we reach a certain level of vaccination in the society, once the infection level decreases, we’ll lift restrictions for everyone. But I think they’re discounting that many Americans want to know, what’s in it for me? They don’t want to wait until everyone gets to some elusive herd immunity. I think it’ll be a lot more effective if we say, once you are fully vaccinated, that’s the end of the road for you. And so, at that point, you’re able to take off your mask outside, you’re able to go about enjoying many aspects of pre-pandemic life. I think that is going to be key to overcoming vaccine hesitancy,” Wen stated.

And the new CDC guidelines only claim vaccinated Americans doing a handful of things outdoors is considered “safe.”

The guidelines demand that all vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors for all activities.

Wen then told one truth that CNN viewers never heard over the last year – and that is the fact that there will never be “COVID Zero” where the virus is eradicated and there are no more cases in America.

Instead, the administration should communicate the message that risk will never be eliminated and that Americans need to go on about living their lives.

“I think the key, at this point, Anderson, is that we have to think about reducing risk, not eliminating risk. Because we’re just not going to be able to live like that. […] I think we can tell people, here are all these activities that once were high-risk, get vaccinated, they are now lower risk. But once you get vaccinated, go and do things. We encourage you to do things like travel. We want you to do it safely, but please go see your friends and family. I think that kind of message will have a lot more resonance than, here are all the things you can’t do even if you’re fully vaccinated.”

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