Joe Biden admitted something about Donald Trump that no one ever thought they would hear

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But their rivalry took a strange turn.

Because Joe Biden admitted something about Donald Trump that no one ever thought they would hear.

Donald Trump’s signature policy achievement was building 450 miles of a border wall along the southern border.

The wall replaced ineffective barriers that illegal aliens just walked over or through.

Trump’s wall helped leave behind the most secure border in American history.

Joe Biden canceled wall construction once he took office and that helped lead to a record 1.7 million attempted illegal border crossings.

On his Fox News show, host Sean Hannity slammed Biden as a hypocrite for agreeing with Trump that walls worked – except that Biden put this into practice in the most selfish way possible.

“Joe Biden and his radical advisors do not care about safety and security, they only care about politics – just look at the border,” Hannity began.

Hannity noted that while Biden left the border wide open to an invasion of illegal aliens, Biden built a taxpayer funded wall – at the cost of $457,000 – around his beach house in Delaware.

“Ironically, at the same time Biden started construction on a giant wall around his beach house – at your expense of course,” Hannity added.

Hannity ripped Biden for building a wall around his beach house but claiming at a CNN town hall that Biden did not have time to visit the border despite the fact that Biden spends nearly every weekend on vacation in Delaware.

“But Joe Biden is just too busy to visit [the southern border] … but not too busy to spend nearly every weekend in Delaware at the beach,” Hannity added.

The facts backed up Hannity’s criticism.

CNN reported that through a similar point in their Presidency, Biden spent more time on personal vacation travel than both Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Betsy Klein wrote:

Including this weekend’s trip to Delaware, Biden has taken 35 personal trips and spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his Delaware homes or at Camp David in Maryland.

By comparison, Trump had spent all or part of 61 days at either his Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster properties in Florida and New Jersey, respectively, during the same period of time, plus all or part of nine days over four visits to Camp David.

Joe Biden agrees with Donald Trump that walls work.

Except Donald Trump wanted to protect Americans and Joe Biden built one for his own selfish reasons.

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