Joe Biden admitted one thing about Tara Reade’s allegations that left Americans stunned

Joe Biden cannot escape Tara Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault.

Every time Biden does an interview, he is asked about Reade’s allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Now Joe Biden admitted one thing about Tara Reade’s allegations that left Americans stunned.

Joe Biden sat for a virtual town hall with Yahoo News National Politics Reporter Brittany Shepherd.

Shepherd asked Biden if the former Vice President watched Reade’s interview with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Biden then rambled on about how he didn’t really mean “believe all women” when he said “believe all women” after Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

“Look, here’s the deal, every woman has a right to be heard. Every woman should be able to come forward. Every woman should be presumed that they were telling the truth. And then it should be investigated by serious reporters like you and others to determine what the truth is,” Biden began.

But then admitted the crux of the matter with Reade’s allegations – namely that they are credible and a lot of people believe her.

“And the truth is, this never, ever happened. It never, ever happened. And what I’m reading now online and what I’m seeing in the national press, apparently, there’s a lot of other people who are wondering whether or not it happened,” Biden added.

A CAPS-Harris poll found 55 percent of voters believe Tara Reade.

In a separate poll, Morning Consult found 26 percent of Democrats wanted a new nominee after watching Biden deny Reade’s allegations.

Reade’s allegations are a problem for Biden.

And Americans were stunned to see Biden admit as much.

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28 Responses

  1. richard hill says:

    wow ! this poor guy does not have any idea where he is at , dam lucky if he even knows his own name.he has a sickness that takes alot of older people out so maybe you dems should give him a break.

  2. sharon says:

    Really DR. J-Trump did ramp up the testing-do you know the phrase supply chain? Did these tests have to be made-yes or no? That meant workers had to work at the places that made them. If I remember correctly the CDC wouldn’t allow any other labs to do the test results and that took extra days. Hospitals were shut down- where were people supposed to go get their test done if they wanted one-not by their doctor-they weren’t allowedto go see their doctor by the State rules. Now we’re finding out the earlier testing wasn’t accurate-sooo. You have your opinion and seems narrow-minded. And as for the allegation being made -it was backed by people she told right after it happened. Having been a victim of a tried sexual molestation by my boss when I was 20, I know how hard it isto tell someone. As it was I punched my boss in the stomach and told him I would ruin his reputation in our small town if he tried again. He never did however he was not in the position Biden was with power. And that was 1972. He could have pressed assault charges against me in those days His son was head of our HR division-so would you tell?

  3. John Redman says:

    Plagiarjoe Bidenist: ‘Anyone that knows that I’m a serial plagiarist should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows what I did to innocent Curtis Dunn for 35 years should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I enabled my less favored son to take advantage of my being Vice-President to fund his sex and drug habits should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that finds out how I lined my pockets with deals in Ukraine and China should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I helped my brother and sister to loot the treasury should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I lied about my academic achievements should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I made up a fictional character named Corn Pop should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I used the office of Vice-President to get a Ukrainian official fired should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I ran cover for hitlery should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I willfully participated in the unlawful scheme to force DJT out of office by hook or by crook should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I deliberately undressed and swam naked in full view of female Secret Service agents should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I stared at and complimented the breasts of a young teenage girl should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I have been unfaithful to my wife Jill should vote for someone else.’ Who is left? Anyone?? BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and building 7 didn’t fall (in its own footprint and at free-fall speed) from office fires.

  4. donald emory says:

    Joe, the schmo, is not going to be President or even the nominee..6+ months until we win again..that is too much time and Joeblow is fading fast…the Demorats already know who will be and they are keeping it close to the vest..I have been privy to some info that I have been asked to keep to myself and I will do that because I know Trump will be there 4 more yrs!

  5. Biden is a pervert, that’s a given !! There have been numerous instances where he has been recorded doing inappropriate thins when he’s around women !! AND with Biden it really doesn’t matter who she is or how old or young she is ! The guy has some VERY SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEMS that should be dealt with. If it was anyone else they would have been charged, convicted and put on the SEX OFFENDERS LIST !! The guy is way beyond dangerous to any woman around him !!!

  6. Lori Incerta says:

    Watching all the creepy videos of Biden touching. carressing and sniffing women and little girls in front of other people in public, I can believe he would do even more disgusting things in a private empty hallway. He is a sexual preditor and gives me the creeps. How has he never been slapped in public???

  7. John says:

    Biden is a Democratic Puppet – If he is elected, you can bet the either Obama or Pelosi will be pulling the wires connected to his mouth. He is a brain dead politician.

  8. Denny says:

    Biden !! Just die. You are guilty and you know it. But it is a wonder you even know your name. You left your baby dole at your weekend home and you are totally lost. You talk like you are out on a pass. The nut house is for you and never the title of president. You are a sad excuse for the Democratic Party. You will never make the election.

  9. jc says:

    CAN anyone name any politician, past or present that is completely innocent

  10. John D Cole says:

    That’s funny the Marxists protected Bill Clinton when he got busted molesting Monica Lewinsky in the oval office why are they betraying perv Joe?

  11. America first says:

    The only way Biden can win is by sheer hatred of Trump. Biden has nothing to offer in policy proposals. He’s corrupt, and now has lost 50% of his mental capacity. The only reason anybody would vote for this man is because they hate Trump that much. And that is the worst reason to cast a vote.

  12. RAFAEL says:

    how can you TRUST in any way or form Biden, he is a lair, he never graduated yet, he boasted he did with all sort of credits, then he is CORRUPTED, while vice-president he went to Ukraine to take kick backs and under the table, and introduced his son to be at Burisma, because he is HIS son, they took him paying a lot of money without any sort of knowledge, same thing went to China and the same thing happened. HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS FILTHY DEMOCRAT THAT ONLY KNOW TO LIE, YET THEN WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS ELECTED HE WAS IN THE RING OF DELINQUENTS TO SPY AND TO MAKE LT. GENERAL FLYNN KNOWN, HE SHOULD KISS HIS ASS, A MAN WITH A GREAT REPUTATION BEING THROWN ALL AROUND FOR POLITICAL GAME. BIDEN SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE

  13. Patriot says:

    The man can’t even remember what office he is running for (during a speech he said he was running for the senate). He can’t remember who his wife is (grabbed his SIL instead), and can’t even remember what state he is in (NH vs. VT). He is very handsy with women and girls and it is all on tape, and he has been touching them for years. So when he says he know she never assaulted her, I do not believe it for a second. He is a creepy sexual predator.

  14. Dr. J.D. says:

    Right now, alll we know is that it is an allegation, that is like 25 years ago (or more). Trump has had at least two dozen of these. And many of you are right, anyone can make an allegation, it does not mean it is true – – I saw this at my workplace.
    The key of this election will not be this, but will be the pandemic/economy. I put those together because they are clearly interrelated. Here is an economic fact: people will not consume if they do not feel safe, whether it is a contract on a house or eating at a restaurant. You can open up the restaurant, but cannot force people to go there, and they will not go if they feel the risk is too high. If Trump had ramped up testing (which he steadfastly refused to do), we had tracing and some basic protections established, this economy would be much more likely to come back. Trump has failed to insure confidence, especially since he is taking an unproven drug that has four times the heart problems created than not taking that drug. plus it has NO proven protections against COVID-19.

  15. Don says:

    Your all jackass.grtyour head
    Outoftrumps. Ass

  16. Deb says:

    I think his clarification is spot on and should have been used for Kavenaugh toooo. He is right anyone can claim anything and should be trusted enough to be investigated. Out of respect for the person, office is not a reason to years later lose respect and bring the claim forward. I do not like Biden (I live in DE and personally called his office many times with suggestions to work against abortion and other legislation) but everyone, the accused as well as the victim needs to be given the benefit of the doubt until investigated and charged.

  17. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Vasu Murti, shows his ignorance every time he posts on here. Biden is anything but a traditional liberal candidate. If Vasu actually believes that then he hasn’t been paying attention to Joe’s speeches.
    Biden, has been parroting most of the same policy proposals as the other far left candidates like Warren, and Sanders, and Beto. No doubt hoping to pander to the radical base.
    So if Biden really is traditional, as Vasu suggests, then it shows Biden is nothing more than a con man that just tells people what they want to hear to get their vote.

  18. Vasu Murti says:

    If the Tara Reade scandal persists, Joe Biden might be forced to choose Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate, as Gretchen Whitmer, a victim of sexual assault herself, has stood by Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is a traditional liberal Democrat. To balance the ticket, the running mate should be a moderate or conservative Democrat: a pro-life Democrat like John Bel Edwards or Joe Manchin. Amy Klobuchar, a Midwest moderate, would be perfect, and she says there’s room in the Party for pro-life Democrats.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  19. Robert says:

    I do not believe these polls. Look at all those polls that said Hilary was a sure 98% to 1 winner. The polls do not reflect true statistics – majority of people will not admit they are voting for Trump. Biden is a delusional airhead – unable to get his act together – cannot credibly discredit his accusers – is wrapped in scandals with his son – he admitted on video about not releasing a billion dollars unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s involvement in Burisma – his son traveled on Air Force Presidential plane with him more than once – why would he allow that unless his son was involved in corrupt deals with Ukraine and China – also on China trip video with son and wife in full view. – then his son gets lucrative China deal. Now he says that investigating these instances is a attempted diversion by Trump.? Joe has been caught “in the act” on video more than once and cannot dispute the visual fact evidence .

  20. FluffyPillowFive says:

    I don’t care if Biden stuck his finger in some women. I would never vote for him anyway. I don’t agree with his politics.
    And I don’t care if Trump cheated on his wives. It was his campaign promises that got my vote.
    The thing that bothers me is the hypocritical contrast between how the democrats treat one of their own.

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