Jim Jordan just issued one shocking threat that has Joe Biden fearing an end to his political career

Jim Jordan has become a voice for the everyday American.

He doesn’t shy away from calling out the Biden regime.

And Jim Jordan just issued one shocking threat that has Joe Biden fearing an end to his political career.

During a recent edition of Breitbart News Daily, Representative Jim Jordan accused Joe Biden of deliberately and intentionally facilitating illegal immigration across the southern border.

Jordan brought the hammer down on Biden for his total mishandling of the border crisis.

Jordan said impeaching the President “is something that our conference is going to have to look at closely and make a decision on, but it’ll be a conference-wide decision” if Republicans secure a majority in the House of Representatives.

Jordan, like many other Americans, believe that Biden has intentionally bungled the southern border crisis in order to allow illegal aliens in the country so they can vote for Democrats.

Jordan says this is an obvious abuse of power and could very well be an impeachable offense.

“It is so big, and it is deliberate. It is intentional, and the idea that they’re doing it in the dark of the night so that the country doesn’t fully know and see what’s going on is wrong … This is deliberate, what they’re doing,” Jordan stated.

Jordan didn’t stop there.

The Ohio Representative continued on, saying that along with the deliberate mishandling of the crisis at the border, the Biden administration is developing and advocating for a federal database of firearm ownership records.

“The ATF is keeping this registry of hundreds of millions of gun purchases over the last 20-some years,” Jordan stated, adding that a “gun registry” is being built with records of “law-abiding Americans who purchase a firearm.”

Biden and his cronies are developing a database that will give them the information of each and every law-abiding gun owner to use in any way they deem necessary.

Democrats will stop at nothing to gain control of every dissenting citizen in America.

It is their heart’s desire to turn this once free country into a socialist nation.

And that starts by cataloging those who legally own firearms.

Joe Biden is not just unfit to be President of the United States.

He is out to destroy it.

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