Jim Acosta picked a fight with Kellyanne Conway on live TV that he immediately regretted

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta spews fake news on a daily basis.

Acosta is known for asking biased questions and speaking out of line.

But this time he picked a fight with the wrong woman and she embarrassed him on live TV.

During a press event before the President’s national address on the border wall, Acosta interrupted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and asked if the President, “planned to tell the truth.”

That’s when Conway let him have it.

She fired back at him for just trying to get attention and even called him out for being a “smartass.”

Fox News reports:

Kellyanne Conway embarrassed CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta during a press gaggle on Tuesday, referring to him as a “smarta–” unliked by other reporters.

Acosta asked Conway if she could promise that President Trump would tell the truth when addressing the nation on Tuesday night.

“Yes, Jim,” Conway shot back, “Can you promise that you will? The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Am I allowed to mention ‘God’ to you?”

Acosta – who has emerged as a household name for interruptions when Trump and members of his administration are made available to the press – responded by telling Conway that he doesn’t have an “alternative facts” problem like she does.

“Make sure that goes viral. This is why I’m one of the only people around here who gives you the time of day,” Conway said. “You’re such a smarta– most of the time and I know you want this to go viral.”

Acosta was briefly banned from the White House for continually interrupting President Trump during a press conference and swiping at a White House intern.

At the time, the left cried out that this was an act of free speech censorship and an attack on journalism.

However, Acosta is not engaging in real journalism.

He is simply asking conniving questions to make the administration look bad and promote his personal agenda.

His behavior also prevents other reporters from asking questions.

Kellyanne Conway saw through his tactics and called him out on it immediately.

Acosta has completely tarnished his reputation and exposed CNN for what it truly is, a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.


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91 Responses

  1. Acosta, you’re a disgrace to your profession! Your childish and boorish attitude make many wonder about your integrity and character. You show a deep lack of respect for your fellow journalist and to the office of the President of th United States! You act like a little kid who turns into a bully when he can’t get his own way.

  2. Jeff says:

    Acosta is an absolute disgrace to America and Americans. Acosta your nothing more than a used douche, I would compare you to diarrhea but that implies someone may have thought you was worth eating then found out your just rotten we the people already know your a rotten worthless scumbag so live in the gutters of LA

    • copper T says:

      I so agree! Trump maybe should not hold press conferences until the troublemaking scumbag is banned for good . Acosta and the Democrats are a National disgrace, Why are we upstanding, patriotic, true Americans not addressing the treasonous media and Democrats?

  3. Wanda Frost says:

    Don’t fire him as we the people we need him to see what dumb thing he is going to say or do. Don’t have to watch CNN just look on twitter and keep up with the dummy. Biggest nut around.

  4. James L. Atchison says:

    Kellyanne Conway got it wrong. Acosta is not smart – He is just an ass!

    • Paulo wilson Rosario says:

      The horse with no name ! This guy is a fake ,he even assume his real family name. no educate radica commie! Let’s call them what they are it’s clear !

  5. Buddy says:

    Acosta is perfect for CNN. He’s what they are all about. Not interested in the facts, loud ,obnoxious, overbearing. The kinda guy that probably got his butt kicked on the playground daily. Represents the Democratic party to the T.

    • Jan923 says:

      acosta is a loser and one of the main reasons cnn is a bottom feeder in the ratings. This only shows that cnn is as stupid as acosta

      • Rich Knoch says:

        As Acosta stumbled away he had his head tucked under his arm and was repeatedly mumbling to himself, something like . . . . . “I will never match wits with Kellyanne again”, “I will never match wits with Kellyanne again”, “I will never match wits with Kellyanne again” . . . . . .

  6. cc says:

    Lets keep the clown there for visual and comedic entertainment. When the mouth moves, his brains run out.

  7. George says:

    Wasn’t thrilled when I heard that Donald Trump was running for office, but it’s been pure joy watching Fox News and listening to conservative radio describe how the Liberals are losing their minds on a daily basis, I can watch the news cycle all day! Since I don’t watch football, the news has become my source of entertainment. I know that Donald Trump is busy driving the Democrats insane by reversing all of Odumbells policies, and he seems to have more stamina than the NFL kneelers. Keep it up Mr President, by 2020 the funny farm will be brimming with America hating lefties! Halaliuia!

  8. William Hamilton says:

    Jim Acosta is truly a PITA, a walking hemorrhoid that thinks more of his ratings than respect for his interviewees. There is a golden rule in interviewing that boils down to this: there is no fool bigger than the one who tries to create one. Jim has that down to an artform.

  9. Ernst says:

    Jim Acosta is not very smart. Kellyanne Conway IS very smart. Acosta is not a journalist; he is a leftist advocate. Conway overmatches him to an embarrassing extent.

  10. Jason Casteel says:

    Good Lord. You certainly said it all. But who is really the dumbass here? Well, by reading your post, looking at the grammar, spelling, and choice of vocabulary, it looks to me as if you have had a good quality 3rd grade education.

    No wonder you’re a democrat. You’re too stupid to have a job so you need all the freebies the Dems can offer. You dumbass.

  11. Breaker 19 says:

    He makes an ass of himself every time he opens his mouth. It’s like the old saying, “I didn’t know whether to keep my mouth shut and let people think I was an idiot, or open my mouth and remove all doubt” He removes all doubt every time he opens his mouth. People are getting fed up with these idiots and are beginning to let them know it. Good for them.

  12. Babbo says:

    So proud of KellyAnne; just what that creep Acosta needed!!!!

  13. chi-town says:

    the only disgrace is that lyin crook is still in the oval office and not in jail yet but his time is coming real quick cohens gonna bury him and then scammin j stump can take all you inbreds with him an man all you tough repubs on here you really truley think you scare people with your threats then your stupidier that that idiot stunp!!!

    • Leon says:

      I thought that Donald Trump was our President. I didn’t know that the lying, deceitful Obama was still in office! Thanks for letting us know IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phil Erickson says:

      I agree with Jason Casteel — you are an absolute idiot, chi-town. It looks and sounds like you never passed grammar school and I guess you really need all the handouts the Dems can offer. I’ll try to be nice and say, “May God bless you”, but you really are an ABSOLUTE MORON!!

  14. Judy Stinger says:

    Even the tabloids would not hire Acosta. His arrogance and ignorance has no end. He certainly isn’t a journalist. He is a sociopath who is having a love affair with himself. He’s not only an embarrassment to himself and CNN but he also continues to disgrace himself consistently. He certainly has no relevance, credibility, honesty, ethics or integrity and humanity.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      He made an ass of himself again today. He was down at the borter and he was going to show people that Trump lied about the need for a border wall or barrier. He was where there were a bunch of border patrol agents there with the President. He was standing by a wall and he said he was at the border and saw nothing to prove we needed the wall. Everything was quite.
      Of course it was quite, No illegal is going to try to come across with all the Border agent there, and he was standing in front of a wall.
      t just proves his stupidity because he just proved the wall works. Why didn’t he go where there was no wall and no Border Patrol and no wall. He was probably afraid someone would blow his stupid head off or stick a knife in him.
      Thanks, dumb bell for proving Trump was right. The wall works. I’m sure he thought he was proving something different. What an idiot.

  15. PAUL says:

    HE IS A IDIOT . ! ! ! HE IS NOT A REPORTER. ! ! !

  16. O Olon says:

    KA tells it like it is………………………………..way to go girl!


  17. Conway called Jim a smart ass; Correction, he is a DUMB ASS!!

  18. Acosta is your typical unhinged fool leftist proving just how ridiculous they all are!!!

  19. Betty says:

    So Jim Acosta spews out “fake news” on a daily basis. Well, thst’s Nothing Compared to how often CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump spews out His version of FAKE NEWS everytime that Conceited, Stupid, Sick Minded, Fake Excuse Of A Human Being Who Is Beneath the Contempt of All Real Americans Everywhere, Except for Of Course, His group of republican Retards, Decides to Opens His Fat, Selfish, Stupid,Stinking,Lying Mouth.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Awwwwww, Betty ! You sweet little darlin’. Don’t hold back, honey ! Shout out your feelings, Babe !
      Doncha know that vitriol may leave you looking like Hillary, or worse yet Maxine ?
      Spew it out, Sweetie, so that we all can see the depth of your feelings.
      There ! Isn’t that better ? Doncha feel lighter ? No more heartburn ! Put down those Tums !
      Now go Buuuuuuuuurp, while I pat your little back.

    • Diane L Revard says:

      Betty, you would think that after all the intelligent post you would learn something. Oh wait you’re one of the ignorant group. You have very little brain mass to absorb intelligent conversation. Sorry to stoop to your level. But sometimes you just need to point out stupid. Even though it’s obvious.

    • Gobs says:

      To bad you don’t have some soap. Nuf said.

    • Gerry says:

      betty betty betty — too bad you don’t choke on all your hatred and ignorance. I have read some very stupid posts but you have to be right up there with pelosi,waters,schiff-less and schumer for the most unintelligent pathetic statements made by typical libtard/demoSCUM trash.

    • Pat says:

      My mother always said , you accuse others of what your doing yourself . As the saying goes dog smells HER own hole .

    • Breaker 19 says:

      Poor Betty, she ran out of things to call President Trump. Keep watching CNN Betty, and you can repeat some of the other garbage some of them say. They all say the same thing. It’s like they are following a script.. One will make up a name to call President Trump. and it just pours out of every Democrat mouth until another idiot comes up with something different they think sounds worse. Most of them are like you, just spouting hatred. Wonder why?

  20. mike says:

    haha the crook just lost 40 seats in the house what are you cry babies gonna do when he loses the senate and the white house in 2020…..gonna join him at his fictious wall !!!!!!! bawwAaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    • wesley woods says:

      so when obama lost 60 seat he was a bigger crook what a Dumass !!!

      • Bobi says:

        Obama also lost the senate!

      • Bonnie says:

        I will be like you going down the swamp and drowning because we have people like you voting to destroy our nation. Look at some of the new House people. I’m sorry I wouldn’t want my other Congress people to have to work in an environment that is so filled with hate and daily have to deal with protesters not even knowing why they are protesting except like sheep that are drugged along with lies, lies, lies. Sad that they can hear and not listen to what is really being said. They look and can’t even see what is happening around them because they are being brain washed. Instead of protest they could probable even get a job and make themselves feel of value to themselves and others. That is a miracle that has happened in this administration. There are so many more miracles but I know you can’t even see because you have left your mind clogged with hatred. SAD for you.

    • Gerry says:

      No mikey — we are just going to laugh and remind you of yor ignorant posts when Trump wins in 2020 and we take back the House and increase our majority in the Senate. Must be you have not researched who you libtard/demoSCUM elected to the House — my guess some of them won’t last 6 months and they will be thrown out with the rest of the trash. Then we will watch you whine and cry for another 4 years.

  21. tony says:

    all you dumbasses trumps got some checks from mexico for you stupid asses!!! kellyanne conway wouldnt know the truth if her husband slapped her across the face with it!!!! jim acosta tell it like it is brother!!!!

    • Jerry Lamb says:

      Really Tony,
      Jim Acosta is the biggest jerk Clinton News Network has.. If you think he ever tells any truth your the dumbass from Dumbassastan… Liberals have so much hate for Trump & America… Can’t wait till the day we the people who duly elected DJT to save us from idiots like your brother Jim dumbass Acosta and the rest of you anti American fools… F U Tony, if you got a problem bring your sorry excuse of a man over here to my house all 57 years of my life will choke the life out of yours… Hey Tony go F ck yourself!

    • Bobi says:

      Can the low minded leftists ever make a statement without filthy language?

  22. Betty says:

    Kellyanne Conway sure should be able able to recognize “Smart Asses”, since as a White House Counsler, she certainly works for the Stupidest Smartass of them all, that White House “Smartass” ,Worthless Worm & asking if d. trump planned for once to tell the truth”? was a stroke of genius on Jim Acosta part’s considering the track record of one verbal falsehood after another from that Oval Office LYING LUNATIC who only knows the word “Truth” from a dictionary. However, maybe, the reason for the way Kelly Conway treated Jim Ascosta was simplely cause his few questions cost her a few minutes of Asshole Kissing Of Her Boss, The republican Retard. The White WORTHLESS WORM.

    • Diane L Revard says:

      Get a grip on reality. That’s all you dems spew is lies. When one of you starts talking, stop listening. It’s all lies. Go away, this is for intelligent and honest people site.

      • Bobi says:

        The lies Trump may have told would dwarf in comparison to those told by Obama, Clinton, CNN, . . . basically anyone on the left.
        I am sick and tired of the Left’s hypocrisy and negativity!

  23. mike says:

    dumbass repubs keep believing the lyin dickhead inbthe white house wanna see all you asses bawlin your brains out when the dickhead is behind bars!!!!

  24. nick says:

    the only steel barrier stump is gonna see is his jail cell and that big ole fence thats outside his prison!!! cnn kim acosta tell it like it is brother!!!!

  25. brian says:

    salvo sally u get off ur brother yet its amazing how you inbreds run your mouth but have nothing to say time to go take care of your and your brothers kids dumbass!!!

  26. CrookedHillary says:

    I personally enjoy when Acosta opens his Dick Holster, it reminds me of old stern show Stuttering John Melendez…you sit in a room and come up with ways to high jack any particular newsconference or interview.
    The problem is is That Acosta is the king of all douches and he has gotten old and worn out on his devisive rhetoric.

  27. Harry says:

    CNN’s pride and Joy!!!

  28. Philip Chapman says:

    democrats are afraid people are going to wake up and see them as they really are jackass’s….there first democrat president was a lair told the Cherokee they would not be harmed if they help win Florida but did he keep his work….Obama said he would build a wall did he…..during the civil war they wanted slavery enough to start a war…they stated the kkk to keep black in line in the south because they lost the war… if you do not believe these fact go and check them out for yourself..

  29. JOHN PIAZZA says:

    It’s hard to believe that the Dems and Liberals can say what they do about the “created” crisis at the border. I guess they don’t believe their own eyes when they see live pictures of the caravan. Maybe they don’t even open their eyes when they are awake.

  30. DSC says:

    Nothing but an ignorant and rude person. I just wish CNN and MSNBC would go out of business. How great that would be.

  31. salvo sally says:

    Did you all notice that the remarks of the conservatives are all written in legible and correct English, while the “Fred”, “Joe” and “Jerry” comments wouldn’t pass 3nd grade grammar? Just goes to show to level of intelligence of Dems.

  32. Jason Casteel says:

    Good for you Kelly! Jim is an ass. I am so glad that somebody had the guts to show down with him on camera. Great job!

    I was just now flipping around the channels on all the news channels. All I could find were news, (ha ha), anchors with their condescending attitudes totally spin their version of the news to make the Republican leadership and the President look bad.

    It is a shame that our education system has made our population so stupid that so many actually believe this garbage.

    There are too many politicians that that have been in office for far too long and their methods are not working. Term limits? I would think that the voters could make the term limits. I mean, if they are that bad,they won’t get re-elected, right? Then how do we explain Pelosi and Feinstein? Or Jerry Brown for that matter? I guess the people of California, the ones who haven’t moved, forgot what a great job he did the last time he was Governor.

    The point is, they have turned the 5th largest economy in the world, into the 7th largest. Turned it into the biggest welfare state in the nation. Just a giant s***hole in general.

    Now I am getting off topic and will close. I am glad we have someone like Kelly Ann on the side, and by his side, of our President.

  33. fred says:

    u ppl are used to those biased fox news fools yous wouldnt know a real journalist or reporter if he hit yous in between ur hayshacking eyes!!!!! go cnn go acosta reveal them liars for who they are!!!!

    • Dave Miedema says:

      Look at this! Another illiterate libtard who spells and writes on a 2nd grade level. Not worth the time to debate or read.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Good God, Fred. YOU are one of the clowns I was speaking of in the comment above. You are so stupid to even know when you are being lied to. I will do you a solid and tell you the truth. You are a moron.

      Can’t you even tell, just by the way the questions are being asked, that there is some other agenda these “reporters” are working toward? If you can’t, well, I wouldn’t waste any more time breathing, because you have no reason to live anymore. You are too freaking stupid.

    • Rookie49er says:

      You democraps really need to wake up! YOU wouldn’t know the truth if it hit YOU between the eyes! You can’t handle the truth! Based on what they said during the W and Obamanation terms, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of them are lying Chameleons today!

    • Lee says:

      I agree. Go cnn go Acosta…..go away you pos

    • Dave Foskette says:

      Communist News Network (cnn)

  34. jerry says:

    no fence no barrier hold out pelosi hold out schumer let that lyin p.o.s. in the white house spew his lies!!!

  35. He’s NOT a journalist, yet alone a reporter! He’s close to being commentator, but as close as it comes but not even that. More of a Propagandant! Such as the following:
    Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented. Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies and the media can also produce propaganda.
    Now doesn’t that sound like almost all of the news groups?!

  36. joe says:

    ur all dumbasses blinded by the lyin asshole crook in the white house go get em acosta!!!! exspose them crooks for what they are!!!

  37. The Last Conservative says:

    It continues to flabbergast me, to hear these prima-donna news hacks and fact spinners allowed to interrupt, degrade and dishevel their way through peaceful and organized press meetings, as they do. They are schoolyard bullies with no backbone. Well . . . Jim “Acaustic” met his match. Bravo, Ms. Conway ! You bent the feathers of another snowflake cub reporter ! HEY JIM !!! Reporting from the White House press room is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT ! Grow a sense of dignity, as most of the Fox reporters did, during the destructive Obama Lie Factory was in charge. We deserve better conduct from our news servants and, our president, definitely, deserves to be respectfully addressed . . . no matter what your personal politics !

  38. I would like to meet him one day or like Joe biden would say behind the high school.

  39. rafael says:


  40. Plumlazy says:

    This guy is the worst thing for journalism. I don’t say his name because i dont want to swear

  41. Acosta is definitely an asshole and he proves it everyday by spewing the BS that he and his comrades call news.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Jimmy-boy just needs attention. Can you see his little pout when he’s not the center of attention ?
      He needs someone to assure him that his Mommy still loves him.

  42. Jo says:

    CNN is so bad it should be off the air

    • Gonaes says:

      And the dingbat CNN news department , and the way their key player Acosta operates, you might just see CNN folding their tent and fading away into oblivion in the very near future. Who needs CNN??????.

  43. David says:

    Unlike other so called Journalists, Acosta reminds me of my 4 year old grandson when he blathers on in a non- comprehensable tangent. (I love him anyway!)The fact that Kelly Ann acknowledged him is amazing. I would not give him the time of day, ever. I would select the people I wanted to talk with. I have to give her credit, on her quick wit, and… her eloquence of response was awesome. President Trump I’m sure is proud of her.
    His parents must be So proud……NOT. Build That Wall President Trump! All of the Conservatives in the Country want it, the country needs it. How much do they, (The Illegals), cost the country, in comparison to the cost of the wall? Why don’t you ask Rush Limbaugh to provide a montage of all the times the Democrats through the past …say back to 2009, have asked for a wall to be built, and run it on TV, Next to one of your addresses. It amazes me that the left is so hell bent on destroying the Best, Pro American President as far as I can see in my 64 years. Stay the course Mr. President . You have the Attention, Respect, and Gratefulness of more people then you know. Please don’t back down or change course. No matter what happens You & Melania have my vote and ALL THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR YOU IN 2016. Melania is the Classiest First Lady we have had since Jackie Kennedy. I so proud of her. You are a lucky Man. I often imagine what our Country would be like if your opponent had won. Makes me sick, thinking you have to run again, against these lying thieving people that have been elected to positions of authority because of their silver tongues. Everything we know now, would NEVER had been divulged, and it would have been business as usual in our Country. And as far as I’m concerned, the media is complicit in all things going on in Washington DC. They know what’ s going on. What we know and see is fed to the US Public, via CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS AND THE PLETHORA of loser news anchors on the Liberal left band wagon. If they had any sense of duty, honor, or patriotism they would be on the side of President Trump, protecting Our Country from foreign invaders.
    God Bless you, and your family, and your dedication to our Country,
    David, Plymouth Ma.

  44. Bill says:

    Kellyanne knows an asshole when she sees one. He has proven many many times that to be true. The turd doesn’t have a journalistic bone in his body. Let CNN keep him; their ratings will be down at the bottom forever.

  45. Caesar Meledandri says:

    Again he doesn’t learn. A consummate ass. Not even a real journalist. Get a real job.

  46. Johnny Hutto says:

    Jim Acosta. What can you say arrogant egotistical pompous ass. He’s about as much of a journalist that I am brain surgeon. I seriously find it hard to believe that CNN actually pays this boy. He must do some cleaning up around the desk. But then again they pay Cuomo and Don lemon. I can’t understand because they don’t make enough to pay these people’s house salaries not enough veiwer ship.

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