Jill Biden forced Joe Biden to run for re-election for this despicable reason

Photo by The Office of United States Senator Joe Biden, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is an historically unpopular incumbent and his cognitive decline is apparent to the vast majority of Americans.

Democrats wish they could field a new candidate to run against Donald Trump in November.

But Jill Biden forced Joe Biden to run for re-election for this despicable reason.

An ABC/Ipsos poll found that 86 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is too old to serve as President.

Former President Donald Trump has led Biden in 2024 horse racing polling for months building the most sustained Republican lead in general election polling since 2004, which was coincidentally the last year the GOP won the popular vote in a Presidential contest.

But Biden is plowing ahead with his re-election campaign.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told NBC’s Meet the Press that Biden’s insistence on seeking a second term is due to First Lady Jill Biden forcing him to stay in the race because she craves power.

Brinkley said previous First Lady’s disdain for Washington, D.C. caused Presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and Harry Truman not to run again.

“She is the vital part. Dr. Jill Biden is it,” Brinkley began. “You know, if you go back to 1952, Harry Truman could have run, and he didn’t. Why? Well, the Korean War and, you know, other reasons. But — but Bess wanted to go back to Independence [Missouri] — she didn’t like it in Washington.”

“If you cut to ’68, Lyndon Johnson was – quit in March of ’68 and people will say because of Walter Cronkite. No,” Brinkley added. “The big thing was his health was bad, he had a bad heart, he was smoking, high blood pressure, tension, and Lady Bird Johnson didn’t want to stay in. And she wanted – let’s go back to Texas and convince Johnson to step down.”

Jill Biden’s different.

The First Lady has seen her husband be a punchline on the national stage for decades to finally winning the prize he long sought in 2020 and there is no way she is going to let Biden walk away from it all and prove all the critics right.

“That’s not the case with Jill Biden. She likes power. She wants to stay. She wants some sense of revenge,” Brinkley declared. “She teaches in Virginia Community College. This milieu around our building here, this is her home. And the idea of relinquishing it all after you’ve taken the slings and arrows of the last years of attacks, and at the last minute, just when you get all the delegates you’re going to say, I’m going to open it up to a bunch of people — it’s very childish when you read those kind of reports.”

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