Jerry Nadler just left Congress for this shocking reason

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is now in the driver’s seat on impeachment.

This is his moment in the sun.

But Jerry Nadler just left Congress for this shocking reason.

House Democrats are preparing to vote on the rules governing the impeachment debate on Tuesday and then articles of impeachment on Wednesday.

But House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler will miss the occasion due to a family emergency at home in New York.

Politico reports:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is tending to an undisclosed family emergency in New York City and will miss the last procedural step before articles of impeachment come to the floor, a committee aide confirmed Tuesday.

Nadler is expected to return to Washington late Tuesday or early Wednesday before the impeachment vote. In the meantime, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), another member of the Judiciary Committee, is expected to fill in and handle the presentation of articles of impeachment to the Rules Committee, which will tee them up for Wednesday’s vote.

The Rules Committee is the last stop in the process before articles of impeachment reach the House floor. The panel will set the terms of floor debate before what is expected to be a party-line vote to impeach President Donald Trump, just the third time in history the House will have recommended a president’s removal from office.

The two articles of impeachment charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress over the president’s attempt to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

While all Americans are hoping that Nadler’s family is ok, the reality is, this impeachment has run on autopilot since Nancy Pelosi announced the Democrats would pursue it back in September.

The cake has been baked for months and Democrats are not deterred by their lack of facts or evidence implicating President Trump in committing any impeachable offenses.

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160 Responses

  1. D.A.N. says:

    Dennis, I would bet that theirs isn’t even above room temp in Celsius.

  2. D.A.N. says:

    Sorry loser but that is not what happened. In fact, when questioned by the GOP members of the committee, they all had to admit that there was no crime involved. And now that the House has printed what they claim are the charges, they don’t have them there either.Abuse of power. Ha Ha ha ha. That is what the House is doing. Obstruction of Congress, oh come on. The House couldn’t wait for a judge to even rule. They went right ahead while it was still in the court. But guess what, the House may get what they deserve tomorrow. If I were the judge, no matter what party it was, if you can’t wait till I decided, it is an automatic loss for you. And she asked the House exactly why she shouldn’t declare the request moot. And this is an Obama appointed judge.

  3. D.A.N. says:

    It isn’t us crying Tom. It is you and your loser friends. Plenty of videos showing it on Nov 9 2016. And it hasn’t stopped yet.

  4. swann2001 says:

    So it’s safe to assume that you also feel Biden who can’t figure out what State and was so stupid that he made a video of the crime of Blackmail he committed against the President of Ukraine. To make matters worse he even let it slip that Obama was in on the corruption. How? When the President of the Ukraine said you cannot withhold the money you’re not the President, Biden responded with the words “Call Him” meaning Obama. Then he is confused as to why Obama wouldn’t endorse him because he implicated him in the corruption scam he and his son and Obama among others were running in the Ukraine. He should be in jail because there is no doubt he did what they’re merely alleging President Trump did.

  5. Jerry says:

    Hey Nadler maybe you could have butt head Pete bigot and his queer partner to take you and snake eyes Schiff place in congress you fat bastard slob wdusysmfn mouth

  6. Jerry says:

    Nadler would not bring 1cent at hog market the best he could do would be mulch for weed killer on New York railroad tracks

  7. Joe says:

    All of you people sound like a bunch of morons.

  8. George Jones says:

    He left town because he is afraid of what will happen to him if he sticks around after the vote. He is such a distasteful, and distrustful and despicable person it is good that he jumped ship. He can watch the democratic party implode now that the rat is out of town. I hope he cannot find his way back.

  9. You are, truly, a sad, pathetic, uninformed fool. Amazingly, you don’t seem to understand the level of embarrassment you should feel. In your case, ignorance is bliss, apparently.

  10. We are governed as a Constitutional Republic, moron, not as a democracy. The ‘popular’ vote means nothing. If you know anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature, have them try to explain that, to you. Perhaps, they could use crayons to help you.

  11. You’re terminally ignorant and everyone with an I.Q. above room temperature understands that. The I.Q. criteria eliminates you,moron.

  12. sheik says:

    No no one testified that Trump bribed anyone , they testified that in their Opinion he bribed them , we you know how opinions are ,

  13. Mike says:

    Tom we can tell you are a liberal Democrat and probably like to suck a little Peter on the side and every evening but please keep your stupidity to yourself

  14. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Dear teacher, I can not be at school today because I am sick and the dog peed on my homework. Your most bestest student, Jerky Nads

  15. This vulture’s fury to gulp their carrion show, is like the Democrats trying to impeach president Trump, but the carrion will not be there to eat. Millions of us are sick of the stomach watching this metaphor show.

  16. steveo says:

    please name them and while you’re at it tell me if they were on the phone call! also show me they were on it! simple question!

  17. dottie says:

    what is mean spirited about saying little barron can’t be a Baron? We don’t have a president that fights back we have one who bullies like a school yard insecure punk.

  18. Benjamin C Talmadge says:

    Yeah his name is Tom. Boy do the dems have him buffaloed. You realy that stupid boy or you the kind don’t give a rats ass that the dems are flushing our constitution down the toilet

  19. Benjamin C Talmadge says:

    Your wrong fool there was no crimes committed by Trump. Only crimes committed were made by the lefty shfty shift and mrs Polsi Nancy

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