Jen Psaki’s answer to a question about the COVID vaccine made one thing clear

Joe Biden’s administration continues to flail about with mixed messaging about the coronavirus vaccines.

But there was more bad news on the way.

And Jen Psaki’s answer to a question about the COVID vaccine made one thing clear.

Joe Biden’s administration reversed course and is now recommending vaccinated Americans still wear a mask.

This decision represented an unconditional surrender to COVID hysteria.

Instead of promoting the vaccine as safe and effective – and the data shows it prevents serious illness or death – the administration caved to the ever cautious public health “experts” who never want pandemic emergency measures to end.

At a White House press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki about why, if the vaccine works, vaccinated Americans need to wear a mask.

Psaki cited no science in her response and claimed vaccinated Americans needed to wear masks just because their so-called “experts” said so.

It is very likely that red states with Republican legislatures and Governors will pass legislation restricting the ability to impose mask mandates.

The only states in the country that will adhere to these recommendations are blue states.
There is a vaccine that is widely available that is safe and effective.

Anyone who wants it can take it.

And many Americans are wondering why the Biden administration is going backwards and reimposing mask mandates.

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