Jen Psaki was stunned to learn Joe Biden made this terrible mistake

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The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jen Psaki remains one of Joe Biden’s most loyal supporters even though she’s left the administration and now works for MSNBC.

But she didn’t like what she just heard.

And Jen Psaki was stunned to learn Joe Biden made this terrible mistake.

Top Democrat strategist wants Biden to make age an issue in the campaign

Everyone in the Democrat Party has their own theory of how to reverse President Joe Biden’s polling deficit against former President Donald Trump.

Famed Democrat strategist James Carville appeared on former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s MSNBC show.

Polls show one of Biden’s biggest weaknesses is his advanced age.

Biden would turn 86 at the end of a potential second term.

At the age of 81, Biden is already deteriorating before America’s very eyes – he recently told a crowd in Michigan that he was Vice President during the pandemic.

Carville thinks Biden needs to turn a giant weakness into a strength by attacking Trump’s age and floated some conspiracy theories about Trump’s medical records.

“The age issue is suffocating him,” Carville stated. “And he needs to bring up that he is only four years older than Trump. And Trump had his goons steal his medical records out of his internist’s office in January 2017. So I’ve released all my medical records. Why don’t you release the records that you had Keith Schiller steal from your internist? I mean, he’s got to turn that around and need to quit arguing and complaining about the Times covering his age and the polling is so good. That’s a waste of time. Don’t do that.”

Carville gives Biden disastrous advice

Biden’s age is a factor because his record is one of failure.

Carville knows that and told Psaki that Biden also needs to make the affirmative case for a second term.

“Talk about how you’re going to change people’s lives and make it better, and how you’re building a record to build on,” Carville added.

Carville said Biden should have a laser focus on the inflation crisis that he created through his socialist spending spree.

“And you understand cost of living and you understand what families are going through. High insurance rates. It’s pedestrian, but it’s the stuff that wins elections,” Carville continued.

One graph in the Wall Street Journal showed why that’s a losing strategy for Biden.

When adjusted for inflation the average net worth for American households was flat as a pancake under Joe Biden.

Under Donald Trump, the average network of American households rose nearly 30 percent.

Americans intuitively understand this is the case.

That’s why polls show the voters believe Donald Trump is a more successful President than Joe Biden, which in turn is why he leads Biden.

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