Jen Psaki tried to stay out of a courtroom with a confusing answer about a growing scandal

The Biden administration is under fire.

Jen Psaki and Joe Biden seemed to confirm conservative’s worst fears.

And now Jen Psaki tried to stay out of a courtroom with a confusing answer about a growing scandal.

When Jen Psaki confirmed Joe Biden’s plan to pressure Facebook to censor so-called “misinformation” about the coronavirus vaccine, it breathed new life into Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech for censoring him.

Trump argued that the social media giants served as state actors by deplatforming him.

Psaki and Biden revealed that to be true by stating the Biden administration had an enemies list of 12 accounts spreading the vast majority of so-called “misinformation” about the vaccine and that the administration flagged these posts.

Radio host Mark Levin told listeners that Trump should call Psaki as his first witness if his lawsuit gets to trial.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, Psaki tried to walk back the administration’s censorship demands claiming – without citing any evidence – that no one ever asked Facebook to take down any individual posts.

“First of all, we have not asked Facebook to block any individual posts,” Psaki told reporters. “The way this works is that there are trends that are out there on social media platforms. You’re aware of them, we’re aware of them. Anyone in the public can be aware of them.”

Psaki then claimed the administration monitored what trended on social media as opposed to creating an enemies list of accounts to ban.

“There’s also data that we look at that many media platforms, like many of you also look at data in terms of trends and you report on it, which is to be expected, given the number of people who get their information from social media,” Psaki added.

Finally, Psaki tried to argue that the administration would leave censoring posts up to Facebook, but that the administration would make clear what posts Facebook needed to censor.

“It’s up to social media platforms to determine what their application is of their own rules and regulations,” Psaki declared. “And so we just certainly raise where we have concerns about information that’s inaccurate that is traveling out there in whatever platform it’s traveling on.”

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