Jen Psaki revealed the one thing about Donald Trump that scared her the most

Jen Psaki is no longer White House Press Secretary.

Psaki can now speak candidly on some matters.

And Jen Psaki revealed the one thing about Donald Trump that scared her the most.

At an event hosted by the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago, Psaki discussed her working relationship with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

Psaki claimed the one reason the administration did not want to pick a fight specifically with Fox News was because of Donald Trump.

Trump’s sparring with the media exposed how the members of the corporate-controlled media were dishonest, partisan hacks who lied routinely and shamelessly to try and hurt Trump.

In her telling, since the administration wanted to restore trust between the public and the media, Psaki and other officials did not single out Fox News for criticism in some sort of high minded plan to rebuild faith in American institutions.

“Peter — So we made a decision from the beginning that part of restoring civility was treating people with respect in the briefing room, with, to calling on everyone, including Fox, which didn’t always have positive reporting about the President or the Vice President, and not making a dispute with Fox be the story. And there are times when that may be appropriate, but not when you follow an administration where they were disputing the legitimacy of institutions or the media,” Psaki began.

In reality, the Biden administration knew Fox was the only media outlet that would offer critical coverage of Biden.

The administration did not want to pick a fight with Fox because going after them for negative coverage would call attention to the fawning, slavishly positive coverage from the rest of the corporate-controlled press.

Psaki revealed her true feelings about the questions Doocy would ask when she claimed he wrote them in concert with others to feed Fox News Channel’s programming as opposed to illuminating the public.

“And so, you know, we began a lot of these sparring, it became sparring because he would ask questions. He wrote the questions a lot of times, sometimes I’m sure they were worked out with people he worked with at Fox. They represented what Fox was talking about on that day. And you could sometimes often predict what they might be. Right? It skewed a lot more about immigration and the border and the Vice President and all sorts of things that may not have always been… Were — they wanted to make into a controversy,” Psaki stated.

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